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  1. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Ratbook 2014 intro

    This is a trailer/teaser done by my class for the new class of 2014 documenting their ratline. The footage was collected by various members of the class of 2013 headed by our VP Woody Skudin. I believe all editing was done by another member of 2013, Alex Havermale. I wish we would have had these...
  2. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Army OML for commissioning

    As I get closer towards commissioning i'm trying to gauge where I stand within my class, but also nationwide for AROTC. I was just wondering if someone could explain to me as best as they could how the oml works and things I might need to know for getting the specific branch I want?
  3. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Last suggestions or advice.

    Leaving for the drive to "Lex Vegas" on Wednesday and would like to hear any last bit of advice or suggestions anyone would like to convey before Matriculating on the 22nd. Thanks in advance.
  4. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    STP Notification

    I was just wondering as to when they usually notify you of your acceptance to STP and what course you received? Has anyone received any information? Thanks
  5. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Interesting find

    Hey everyone, While scoping out the new newsletter from VMI; I happened to notice that one of our most helpful contributors to this forum (RahVaMil2009, Miss Briski,) was recognized in this edition on Pg. 9. Also, for anyone who is interested in the Arabic program; there is an interesting bit...
  6. LongGreyLine Hopeful


    Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could just give me a hint as to when the dates for any of the service academies for the Class of 2014 would be such as: dates nominations should be applied for, date the candidate questionnaire, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  7. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Rivalry renewed

    I was bored and just decided to start randomly searching things dealing with VMI, when I stumbled upon this: I found this to be very exciting news. Especially after my overnight a few of the cadets talked about the last citadel game...
  8. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    STP: Post-Academics, vehicles, etc.

    Hey I just have a few questions pertaining to the STP program. I understand they will give me a list of what all to bring, but I was wondering: How are the days structured? (schedule wise) Academics are five days a week, but what is there to do for the weekends after being relieved of...
  9. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI rat knowledge

    I was just wondering if there are any online forms of any useful rat information. I know USMA has bugle notes and the citadel surprisingly sells their knob knowledge book. I'm not looking to buy anything. I understand I have to know whomever the current governor of VA is. The closest thing I...
  10. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Rat activities

    Hey everyone, Sorry if this is short or has any grammar issues. I'm currently writing this on my phone. I was wondering if their are any restrictions on clubs or sports while you are under the ratline? Such as you can't play on the varsity lacrosse team until you breakout or...
  11. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI 2013

    Just like the one made for anyone attending the Citadel next year. I figure why not have one for VMI kids. Anyone attending VMI next year come on in a post whatever you'd like about yourself, just so we can start this introduction phase a little early.
  12. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Overnight Packing list.

    Hey everyone, As the week begins to count down I'm anxiously awaiting my overnight visit to VMI. I was wondering from anyone, such as Bruno or RahVaMil09 to what exactly I should be packing. So far this is what I've come up with and just wanted to see if you guy think I should bring...
  13. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Application Status

    Hey everyone, My question is: Are there anyways to check your application status for the following schools: VMI, Citadel, and Norwich. The only one I have found so far was for NGCSU, and even that took some digging. For VMI, I have my post view account set up, but have done as much...
  14. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Nomination question.

    Hey everyone, I have a short quick question that I'm sure someone could easily verify for me. Hypothetically speaking, if I was going to VMI or the Citadel, which would be my nomination process. Would I go to my home state senator & congressmen or my current college state...
  15. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Accepted to the Citadel.

    Hey everyone, I walked into my house about an hour and a half ago. Still under the impression that I still had roughly around a week to go before the college letters reach my mailbox, I casually strolled in when my dad told me I had a package from the Citadel in my chair. I rushed...
  16. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    Transfer student questions

    How's a going everyone. Like I stated in another thread I'm applying to VMI as a transfer student and had a few questions for anybody that might be able to assist me. Sorry for putting the in a number order, but thought it would be easier to read. 1. I read on last years prospectus of the...
  17. LongGreyLine Hopeful

    VMI Overnight Open House

    Hey everyone, I received my confirmation letter and tentative itinerary for VMI's open house for the 6-7 of February yesterday. I'm posting this to find out if any others will be going to this certain one. Also, I was wondering if anyone has previously gone to one of these and/or has...