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  1. J.NordicSkier7

    USAFA Competitive Nordic Ski Team

    If you love the snow and being outdoors and you have a soft spot for endurance sports, the Nordic Ski Team may be for you! In past years, we've had one or two incoming freshmen express interest prior to Basic in joining the team. No experience is necessary, just the dedication to the team to...
  2. J.NordicSkier7

    I have a quick question...

    ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Tomorrow, ARMY is going down!!! GO AIR FORCE! BEAT ARMY!!! (everyone loves a good game!) P.S. How are Air Force Cadets and Army Cadets the same? Both made it into West Point! (no hard feelings, I hope. I'm really pumped for this game) :biggrin...
  3. J.NordicSkier7

    Finances as a 4 degree

    I know lots of money comes out of the paycheck, especially at the beginning of the Academy, but how much will be left to save or spend? Will I be able to afford going home during breaks (It's ~$300 to get home and back) ? I know we get more "spending money" as we pay off loans. Thanks. :cool:
  4. J.NordicSkier7


    If I get an appointment to the academy, should I still apply for and accept scholarships? Will I need any of my own money or will I be able to afford everything with what I earn? I don't want to take money away from others who need it more, but I want to make sure I'm covered in case I have an...
  5. J.NordicSkier7

    Thank you notes

    When writting thank you notes, who should you send them to? If I didn't get a nom, should I still send it to that office? Thanks.
  6. J.NordicSkier7

    Items allowed to C4Cs after BCT?

    I know the belongings allowed to doolies are limited, so my parents were wondering if they would be able to get me anything for Christmas year that I would be able to take with me to the academy next year (fingers crossed!). Money is always good, but anyone have any other ideas? Thanks.
  7. J.NordicSkier7

    New Future USAFA Cadet (hopefully:))

    Hi, I'm new to the forums. I recieved my LOA for the Air Force Academy in the mail last week and I hope I get the opportunity to attend.:smile: