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    I-Day Forms

    I should have added that you only need a direct deposit slip if you choose to opt out of NFCU. The "Important Information" packet says: "If you do not choose to use NFCU for pay purposes, you are required to bring a signed direct deposit slip from the bank you wish to use with you on I-Day"
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    I-Day Forms

    Don't forget an already filled out direct deposit slip.
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    Another NASS Packing Question

    Last year everyone was given the same style of shorts except that some had pockets and some did not. However, almost everyone carried around the backpack during the classes so you can put stuff in that. There were none last year... Have fun!
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    2013 Computers

    The computers (notice the plural =) ) are finalized for the class of 2013 if anyone wants to take a look...
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    Another NASS Packing Question

    Last year we were only allowed to wear the blue USNA shorts they issued us, classes included. In fact, we were only allowed to wear the issued clothing the whole time. However, I would bring at least some civilian clothing just in case that changed. Good luck!
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    What to do before the end of school?

    I would ask for a bunch of signed/sealed transcripts. I ended up needing a bunch of these for my MOCs and other things, and it was a pain to try and track down guidance in the summer. You'll get the essay and info for letters of rec once you can log onto CIS. Just make sure that you have your...
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    Minimum Allowable Weight

    Here are the height/weights that they sent in the NROTC acceptance package this year. Max Male Weight(lbs.) / Height (in. round up) / Max Female Weight 97 51 102 102 52 106 107 53 110 112 54 114 117 55 118 122 56 123 127 57 127 131 58 131 136 59 136 141 60 141 145 61 145 150 62...
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    How To Become a SEAL?

    Someone please correct me if i am wrong, but I believe there is also an 18 hour mini-BUDS you have to take 1C year to determine if you can proceed with it.
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    you can't take it with you... or can you?

    My week lol. We got soaked too many times to count. I would recommend bringing an extra pair of running shoes so when one pair gets soaked (it will), you have another.
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    Paperwork for USNA after appointment

    That's exactly what I did. I sent in my acceptance right away and then when I had my wisdom teeth out a few weeks later, I had the doctor's office print a short letter saying that everything went fine. I sent that to the CGO and everything was fine.
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    I wore a polo shirt and khakis the whole time. That was fine, though there were some people wearing jeans, t-shirts, etc. However, they did seem slightly out of place to me. (Though it was pretty funny when I was wearing my NASS sweatshirt and khakis, and an ac ensign thought I was a firstie...
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    How to Prepare for Summer seminar

    When you're there you're going to take the CFA (for your admissions package) and the PRT (for fun). So when you come you should be in good condition to score decently on the CFA. It makes life a lot easier when you can have that requirement finished early on, rather than waiting for your gym...
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    USNA Admissions Forum

    Or if you mean that your son is applying for THIS year and you think the Academy thinks he's applying for next year then don't worry. I received one practically the day before my appointment came in the mail.
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    Most likely not. The only way you would swim is if your assigned company had swimming for their SMT (Sat Morning Training), and even if they did, it is optional to you.
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    Anyone from NJ?

    Im just applying to USNA and yeah, Tristan's a good friend of mine, and I didn't even realize he was on here until yesterday when I saw his post lol. Where are you applying to?
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    Anyone from NJ?

    and I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to ruin my day now:biggrin:
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    Anyone from NJ?

    Ocean City
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    Anyone from NJ?

    Me too! I just got one from LoBiondo also:smile:
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    Anyone from NJ?

    Same here, I haven't heard anything from either senators or congressman. Though when I had interviewed with Menendez's people, they told me they would try to have the noms out around christmas.... lol.
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    When I went there were 1,000 invites but only 150 attendees. However, you really don't see any other drags except the about two others in your assigned company.