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  1. USAFA hopeful

    Tips for BCT 2009

    Thought it might be useful to start a thread on this since we only have a couple weeks left. Our parents club gave us a packet full of advice. My favorite tip was to learn to have a bowel movement at night, craps after taps
  2. USAFA hopeful

    Arnold Air Society

    Sorry to start a new thread, but I was wondering about Arnold Air Society at the Academy. My first degree friend there had never even heard of it. My question is if you join at the academy, do you still go through the candidate class like you would in ROTC? If so, is it easier since all of...
  3. USAFA hopeful

    Waiting game

    I know it's still only February, but I've been getting really antzy! I feel like my application has read "Candidate" forever and it seems like everyone's already getting their appointments. It's starting to worry me a little bit...Anyone else in this situation?
  4. USAFA hopeful

    Academy DVD in the mail

    I got a call from my parents saying they got a DVD in the mail from the academy called 'The Life of a Falcon.' I assume it's sent to all candidates, but since I'm at college and not at home to view it I was wondering if someone else did. Anyone know if this is just a new thing this year and...
  5. USAFA hopeful

    David Scott

    Anyone else from Powder Springs, GA or get a nomination from Congressman Scott?
  6. USAFA hopeful


    I just finished up my last final in college and i was pretty confident about the grades i'd be sending to the academy after this semester. I thought i would have all As and B's after I pulled off a hard earned B in college chemistry(lecture portion) but when I pulled up my grade report it said...
  7. USAFA hopeful

    AFA Prep school

    Does anyone know how the admissions board decides who gets spots at the academy's prep school? I kind of figured if 1300 ppl received appts then maybe it was something like numbers 1301-1400 got appts to the prep school, but I wasn't sure.
  8. USAFA hopeful


    Has anyone taken the air force officer qualifying test for afrotc? Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare?
  9. USAFA hopeful


    Hey yall. I applied to the air force academy last year (entering june 2008) and didn't get in. I got a nomination but no appt. I didn't get a flat out no, just one of those deals where if someone declines, then it gives you a shot. I want to apply again for next year, so I'm joining the AFROTC...