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    Requirments to Become A Marine Corps Pilot

    I was wondering what they physical requirments are to become a Marine Corps Pilot and if they were specific to the type of aircraft you were assigned to fly? (Rotary or Fixed Wing)
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    Send NAPS Questions This Way

    Hey Guys, Sorry I haven't been around for a while but NAPS has kept me busy. For any of you NAPSters for the Class of 2011 or parents with any questions about life in Newport or NAPS or the CO/SEL Sittuation, or any other questions post them. Thanks.
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    Hey, I was thinking of going to NAPS next year. What's NAPS like for all those who have been and is it really hard to get into USNA?
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    AP Credits

    If a Cadet at the Citadel has or potentially could have up to 21 Credits from AP Testing, could they graduate early from The Citadel if they had an ROTC scholarship?