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  1. Gcokeley

    CSI Round II

    Is anyone here going to the second session of CSI at The Citadel? Did anyone go to the first? How was that?
  2. Gcokeley

    Asthma the Assasin

    Asthma pretty much demolished my college application process: Waver Denials: USNA USMA AROTC NROTC Marine However I got into VMI and The Citadel medically and academically Ill be attending The Citadel next year. What can I do to get a 3.5 year scholarship or possibly get cleared at...
  3. Gcokeley

    Appointed to VMI

  4. Gcokeley

    Changing your schools of preference for NROTC

    How do I change my preference schools for NROTC Marine Option? I Applied to the first two (Citadel and VMI) and I applied to another one that I didnt know had NROTC until a couple days ago (Ohio State), but Ohio state isnt on my preference list and Id like to change that. Thanks,
  5. Gcokeley

    Long Irritating Waiting Stage (LIWS)

    This thread is for all my fellow candidates currently in the post-nom/pre-appointment/rejection waiting stage or DoDMERB rat's nest that may cause our hair to turn grey and possibly fall out. Anybody here with me?
  6. Gcokeley

    Nomination from Rockefeller

    I just got back from my Marine Corps poolee fitness thing and here in the mail is my nomination from Rockefeller! Needless to say, Im excited. Thats all haha I just had to tell someone.
  7. Gcokeley

    Remedial Requested

    Woo the USNA requested remedial tests! Im assuming this is a good thing because Ive been DQed for Allergy shots and Asthma since September. I am confident that I can pass this stuff because I havent had a problem with allergies or asthma for years. Now for the problem. I cant get an...