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    Allowable desk items

    I was wondering if a current cadet could cover this for me. I was told that after BCT, you can have a monitor for the laptop, up to 22", and a personal printer, instead of using the constantly-breaking squadron one. My problem is that I have a 22" TV being used as a computer monitor. Will...
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    PA MOC Nominations

    I just wanted to see who on here was from PA and received AFA or other nominations. I received one from Senator Specter for the AFA a month ago I also just got a letter in the mail from Senator Casey Jr. stating that I would have received a nomination, but I already have one, so it is going...
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    MOC or MOS

    I've been wondering, is it better to have a nomination from a member of congress, or of senate, or does it not matter? I received one from my senator (Senator Specter of PA), so I am very happy, but I was just wondering, and I know of other people that were also wondering.