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    Advice when applying for Navy ROTC scholarship

    Here are some words of advice for those of you applying for a Navy ROTC scholarship for the class of 2014: Don't assume because your SAT scores are well above the minimum stated on the scholarship website that you will be a "shoe in." The Navy is looking for the best and the brightest to...
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    swearing in

    It was with great pride that I witnessed my son being sworn in at his Navy ROTC unit! And, by the way, I must say that he looked great in his Navy whites!
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    USNA Class of 2012 stats?

    Have the stats of the USNA Class of 2012 been posted anywhere, like average GPA, SAT, average class rank, valedictorians, salutatorians, etc.?
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    Advice on re-applying

    So, my son will be taking the NROTC route for now. His "thin envelope" letter said to perform well in a strong college program if he is to re-apply for USNA. He plans to hit the ground running! I feel that he will! Could we have some advice and/or direction on the USNA re-application from...
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    At what point of the college freshman year does a NROTC student who wants to apply to the USNA? How does the process differ than directly out of high school?
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    Appointments in March?

    Okay. We've had a lot of congrats on this forum for those who have proudly received their appointments. It is almost mid-March. About how many appointments have been made to date? How many more are to come?
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    Getting ready for PT -- USNA or ROTC

    Would anyone recommend running in combat boots to train for PT at USNA or ROTC?
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    Question about Nominations

    If another candidate from an MOCs list is appointed using that MOCs one available academy slot, does that end (or just decrease) a nominated candidate's chances of getting an appointment?
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    ROTC application--essay character count

    I posted this on another part of this forum. But, it might be helpful to people who are starting to fill out applications that limit you to "character count" in your essays: Here's a hint about the number of characters in Microsoft Word: Microsoft word, when you do the spelling and grammar...
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    Induction Day 2008

    Great to learn that I-Day was moved from June 27 to July 2, 2008, especially for New York candidates in public schools. Graduation in many schools is June 27, 28, or 29. What time are Plebes generally required to report? What do parents do on I-day, besides, perhaps, crying?
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    New York Senator nominations

    Has anyone heard from either of the NY Senators--Clinton or Schumer? My son had interviews with both, and has heard nothing, one way or another.