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  1. RahVaMil2009

    VMI commemorates 9/11

    This video is going viral among VMI Alumni on Facebook: Rah Virginia Mil! Jackie '09
  2. RahVaMil2009

    VMI Admissions

    For those who are interested in applying to VMI, here's some current info on new cadet recruiting that I received today from the VMI Alumni Association: Class of 1993 had 1000 applications; Class of 2016 had 2146 (good recruiting news) To transfer to VMI, you need a 3.4; high school GPA's...
  3. RahVaMil2009

    TAPS - Col William H. Dabney, VMI '61

    Another Marine and VMI Alumnus to guard the pearly gates. Rest in Peace, Sir.
  4. RahVaMil2009

    Shenandoah Valley hotel coupons

    For anyone visiting VMI or Mary Baldwin between now and March 31st, check out these coupons for use at select hotels in Staunton, Lexington, Troutville, and Roanoke. I got the link through the Lexington, Virginia fan page on Facebook. Thanks, -jmb-
  5. RahVaMil2009

    Exam Week Support

    It's almost that time of year: fall semester exam week. I thought it might be helpful to designate a thread for friends and family to share ideas on how they can support their cadets from afar. :smile: Just before exam week of fall semester of my rat year, my parents sent me a really nice...
  6. RahVaMil2009

    Veterans Day

    WDBJ7 did a special report on Cadet Veterans at VMI. Since VMI is a state school, several cadets choose not to wait until graduation to serve our nation, enlisting in the Reserves or National Guard. This article provides some information about a few of the Citizen-Soldiers who didn't graduate on...
  7. RahVaMil2009

    All Military Classic

    The first annual All-Military Classic will be held in Colorado Springs this weekend as USAFA, USMA, VMI and The Citadel face off to open the new basketball season. VMI and The Citadel will be playing a late game (tipoff is at midnight for those of us on the East Coast!) on Friday, getting things...
  8. RahVaMil2009

    Engineers Without Borders

    Of all the new co-curricular initiatives VMI has launched over the past 5-10 years, one of the things I'm most proud of is the Engineers Without Borders club. A few days ago the VMI Communications & Marketing team released this article about how the cadets in the club are already making plans...
  9. RahVaMil2009

    ATTN: Bruno

    Happy birthday :smile:
  10. RahVaMil2009

    VMI New Cadet Oath Ceremony

    The VMI website has information posted about the New Cadet Oath Ceremony taking place in New Market, VA this coming Sunday, September 4th. General event information can be found here. Then, click here to learn more about how families can participate in other activities throughout the...
  11. RahVaMil2009

    VMI New Cadet Oath Ceremony

    The rat-ties of 10+3 are looking good. After marching that parade four times (the simple pleasures of being a Band Co. upperclassman!), it was nice to be able to stand in the front yard of the Crim House with the other Alumni. :cool: For those who are familiar with this event, they started a...
  12. RahVaMil2009

    General Advice for Life at an SMC

    Someone recently asked me for some general advice on life at VMI, and I thought it would be beneficial to start a thread to discuss it. Many of the challenges faced by VMI rats and Keydets are not unique just to VMI, so the purpose of this thread is for current Cadets/Midshipmen and Alumni to...
  13. RahVaMil2009

    Getting in shape

    This thread is for prospective cadets of all of the publicly and privately funded military colleges to discuss what they're doing to prepare for the physical rigors of their chosen schools. What workout plans are you using? How often do you PT? What are your long-term and short-term physical...
  14. RahVaMil2009

    Congratulations VMI Class of 2012!!!

    The rats broke out of the Ratline today, and the Corps of Cadets officially accepted them as a class. For those who are unfamiliar with this tradition, it's VMI's version of Recognition Day. It is the most physically and mentally demanding day of your life, and at the end, you're finally a...