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    Plebe summer questions

    Hey, I've got a few kind of random questions about plebe summer if anyone knows the answers to. 1. Do we ever get a day to sleep in, like Sunday if you go to church, or do we always wake up at 5:45? 2. Is there morning PEP every single day or again, is there a day off every week? 3. Are...
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    Dual Citizenship?

    I have a dual citizenship with Israel and clearly America. I just signed the papers for USNA 2012, waiting to send them off tomorrow when the post office is open. I was wondering, do I need to contact anyone about my dual citizenship and when will I be required to give it up? Will this give...
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    Hello! I figured I would introduce myself since I've read a lot of posts and gotten a lot of good information. I'm from NYC and I got my appointment to USNA c/o 2012. Currently training and freaking out for Plebe summer, but other then that I'm pretty normal.:wink: