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    Texas A&M, Norwich

    As a Rook at Norwich, I can tell you it's a much different experience than the other SMCs from the research I've done. With all of the hazing that went on in the 80s and 90s, Norwich only allows PT on Saturday morning for 2 hours with your company (and absolutely NONE in the barracks). Now...
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    Reef Points

    Hah. I remember at the NASS mock-indoc night, I was "asked" the recite the 5th Law of the Navy. A split second thought ran something like this: "Well, I know what it is. But I should probably start and end it with 'sir.' Oh! And I can't forget to repeat the question before I answer. Pretty...
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    update profile

    I had that same problem in that my high school was still showing even though I'm a college applicant. Or are you talking about the fact that your old data hasn't be erased yet?
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    Looks like I've always calculated my GPA wrong then. Lol. I would just average the number grades all together, and then convert it to a 4 point scale, i.e. a 95 would be a 3.5. Let hope I didn't get rejected from Brown because of my ignorance. :biggrin:
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    Evaluating my First Year

    I would try to boost your final grades to at least a 95 to be competitive. Its understandable in senior year to get a 93 in AP English, so the best option is to get a high GPA early. Then, once you get a horrible teacher senior year that you cant understand, the high GPA can be a cushion...
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    I think out of the 10 nominated by each, only 2-3 are triple qualified by the academy. The military is becoming increasingly unpopular in high schools in Maine these days, and the administration will do anything to keep recruiters out and the anti-war propaganda heavy.
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    I'm from Maine too. And you'll definitely get nominated, as long as your package is halfway decent. As in, at least a 3.3 GPA, and knowing how to sway people to your side. There aren't many applicants, and the offices coordinates their picks to nominate the most people they can. There was a girl...
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    DoDMERB starts

    You'll be sent a letter by DoDMERB with all the required information. I'm not sure whether your application needs to be finished for them to send it, but I received my letter 2 weeks after I completed my application.
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    How am I heading

    I'm from Maine too (a senior), and was rejected from USNA this year. Doing a year of prep and trying again. It's great that you are starting early - I wish I had applied myself during Freshmen and Sophomore years to avoid those 87s in Spanish and Math which shot down my GPA. You already...
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    Finally made my decision - going to VMI

    Congratulations! I thought about VMI/Citadel/Texas A&M, but I figured I wouldn't be as enthusiastic about their traditions because I'm so far away from the South (Maine). Heh. I had a choice between 3 schools, but Norwich was the one that called me multiple times a week to check in on my...
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    From one Academy to another

    Not to mention, that switch is an extremely difficult maneuver to pull off, and is by no means a guarantee. I echo what everyone else has said.
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    How Long?

    I know that for my state, they chose the top pick in each slate in the beginning of March, and then either forwarded the remaining 9 tot he national pool, or sent out rejection letters to those who weren't strong enough (such as myself).
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    non-tech scholarship

    I know that Navy this year is VERY heavily geared towards engineering, so it may be the same for AF.
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    Full Scholarship to Norwich!

    Just got the financial aid package in the mail today. It was bitter sweet, because it came with the USNA rejection letter (no NAPS). Was rejected from ROTC, but school aid is paying for all but $500 bucks a year, which is covered by another scholarship I have. What an honor!
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    Sending Letters Home

    I think everyone gets used to it after a while. But the fast separation can be shocking to many (and deservingly so). Of course, when I was at NASS, I didn't really notice the lack of contact after the first night. Too much to do, and I assume that when time demands are multiplied by 5, the...
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    Physical requirments/Swimming

    I have a question about the swimming, actually. I know they give everyone goggles, but are they prescription for people that need glasses? I know that at NASS, I couldn't recognize anyone at the pool phase because my eyesight was so bad.
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    NROTC Scholarship... getting antsy

    Mich_navy, I'm in the same situation as you. Still waiting, and my online app says "No decision has been made".
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    It says that mine was submitted June 1st, which doesn't really make any sense. I hadn't even been to NASS, nor did I have a candidate number.
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    "Pending" Application? Scholastically Unqualified?

    Posted this on CC. Wanted to get some more opinions. Application was finished in September, passed CFA and DoDMERB by end of August, and triple nominated by both Senators and the Representative. However, the last time I received any DIRECT letter from USNA was my NASS acceptance letter; no...
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    Did my CFA did I do?

    A definite pass. Mile time may be seen as a little slow by some, but certainly not enough to dampen your other scores.