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    Graduation 2010

    Graduation went off without a hitch and even though the weather was overcast and threatened rain, it was held outside and the rain did not fall (okay maybe a few very light sprinkles). Even without electricity to most of the campus, you wouldn't have known that if you were a guest for...
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    Posting personal information

    Hi there everyone. I wanted to remind everyone posting on this forum that like anything else in the cyber world, you should not post any personal information such as your names and hometowns on any public forum. You really don't know who is reading these posts and there are a lot of creeps out...
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    R-Day wishes from cyberland

    With R-Day just around the corner, I just wanted to wish all the swabs and swab parents the best and to send a final congratulations out to all of you (moms and dads too). There are going to be many days when you question your decision to go to the academy but just try to take it one meal at...
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    Tips from Parents for Swabs

    I thought this might be a good thread to start. Here is my tip of the day: When writing letters to your swab this summer, regardless of the fact that some of the info you get in the cadet/parent handbooks, address your letters to: Swab John Smith And not Cadet John Smith or Cadet...