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    Just a note to congratulate the parents whom have given their support for those high school graduates. Enjoy these last few weeks and be proud of their accopmlishments. I sure am! They did it...see you on I Day!
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    passport If it had not been for this site we would have never thought of need for a passport before..Again a world of knowledge comes from those who have been there.... Thanks again and see you on I day
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    Answers to DoDMERB questions from the Deputy Director

    DODMERB Welcome, Although we surived a DQ for vision...we made it through the appeal process and will be there for I Day. DODMERB served us well but the one step questions to ask here may be very helpful for those coming on board. A move in the right direction...good luck to all.
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    Plebes no more

    As a mother of a soon to be plebe, I not only commend every student there, graduated and those to be....Enjoy today to it's fullest and strive to be the best. With hard work, the grace of God, and a side of humor, all is possible. My thoughts and prayers are with the Naval Academy and all...
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    I Day vision test

    What form of vision tests are done on I day? My son does not wear glasses (just one contact) and doesn't even have a pair. I know they are issued glasses on I day and in the PTR packet they asked for the prescription from the Eye Doctor ( I imagine to have a pair ready for him). If we need...
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    Better late than never!

    We are coming in the day before driving from Wisconsin.... Short trip this time...waiting for the whole family to come on PPW. I will be the one with the box of tissues!!!!
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    Better late than never!

    Congratulations.......... Party at your house tonight! See you on I-Day!
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    My s got a waiver for vision, but has never wore glasses...has contact now for bad eye...should he get glasses prior to I day?? Thanks for the info. Teddyb
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    Hello, I read somewhere and of course can't find it again that plebes can take an extra pair of the issue tennis shoes by Niki. Does anyone know the style. Thanks for the info Teddy
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    Got the letter approving my waiver and a call from Senators office all in the same day....See you on I day!
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    Dear Prospective Midshipman - PTR update

    When you receive the packet, please fax or email your transportation request form as soon as possible to the number indicated on the form. So do we not book a air ticket???? Teddy
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    Dear Prospective Midshipman - PTR update

    Thanks for the info...saves a call to that busy lady!
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    Admission status change date

    There have been so many ups and downs in this whole process, it hasn't sunk in yet. All well worth it and he willl serve us proud! Maybe tomorrow: or for sure when the paperwork comes!
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    Admission status change date

    Son submitted waiver denial review paperwork to DoDmerb, status changed yesterday to waiver review status, changed this afternoon to waiver approved! Wishing you luck also.
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    waiver submission review

    Checked status, changed to pending waiver review...
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    Will admissions ever tell you your status on the phone or do you have to wait for "the mail". I'm in waiver mode. Just curious
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    waiver submission review

    Sent in for a review of my waiver denial. Status changed today (waiver submission review). Because we are getting down to the wire how soon can I expect to hear something. Just curious. Thanks
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    "Thank you, we're very proud..."

    We have no family history of serving (my dad World War II) and this is all new to me. We never hesitated to support our son with his decision. It's a heart and soul commitment and for them to know at thier age is something to be proud of. They have a dream and will serve us all well. The...
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    Visiting USNA

    Andrew, My son is a hopeful 2012. We were there a few weeks ago. Take time for the tour, it's not long and so worth the experience. I believe they do them every hour or so. The downtown area, just outside the front gate is simply enjoyable. Hope the weather cooperates for you, enjoy the...