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    Admissions Board

    Greetings, Does the Admissions board meet in December? Thanks!
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    USAFA App Site Down

    Greetings, I have been trying to get on the USAFA application site today and I am getting an error. Anyone else having this issue???? Thanks!!
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    Travel question about T-giving

    Happy Holiday Weekend! As I watch the changing weather on the east coast the west coaster in me has a question. If a mid flies home for T-giving what happens if the weather delays the flight back to USNA? When I went on my visit to USNA earlier this fall a few of the mids said if you...
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    Nomination YEAH!

    Greetings all! I logged on to my USAFA page today and:biggrin: I have a nomination! YEAH!!!! I would love to attend USAFA but USNA was my 1st choice. Does this mean that I did not get the Rep nomination for USNA (do they ever give noms to 2 SA) . I have my senatorial nomination in 1 week...
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    Nomination Interview

    Hello, I have my interviews with my Representative and Senators this month (Nov.). Would it be acceptable to bring a short resume to the panel so they could use that as they interview me. I did this with my BGO and ALO and they seemed to like using it as they spoke to me. Thank you...
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    Confused/Hopeful need help

    First off, thank you for your advice! I am a bit confused.....and need some help. I am currently a senior, I submitted a Summer Session App to USAFA/USNA but did not get accepted to USAFA. (I went to NASS) On my USAFA app page it showed Not Competitive. Once I got back from NASS I...
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    News to me

    Thanks to Mr. Mullen, my DODMERB final is updated and I am in good shape (need to get a waiver for knee surgery but I expected that) but I did have a little surprise I have never had any issues with my eyes so this threw me: Code Description D155.41 Distant visual acuity not correctable...
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    Thanks to Mr. Mullen

    As expressed here numerous times Mr. Mullen goes out of his way to help students get through the DODMERB process. He called my house Saturday afternoon to help with an issue. He really is committed to helping in any way he can. Thank you!!!! :thumb:
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    Hello all, On DODMETS it shows my med exam was sent 7/23 eye exam on 7/12. On DODMERB it says Agency: US Naval Academy Admission Status Change Date: 20-JUN-2008 Current Medical Status: In Process (as of 01-JUL-08 ) How long does this usually take???? Thanks!
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    Knee Brace

    Ok I had meniscal repair surgery all went well YEAH!!! Here is my question My NROTC recruiter and BGO will be meeting with me in the next two weeks. I will be in a knee brace will this worry them? I have had my DODMERB physical and the info was all documented but will this be a black mark...
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    Its official

    Well I got the news today I will need surgery on my knee. Even though I am not in pain doc believes that my meniscus needs to be repaired given my age, level of activity and desire to attend USNA. I will miss most of XC season :frown: but once done my knee should be back to normal. I am...
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    knee issue

    ok I seem to have hurt my knee a bit . I run 40-50 miles a week and things were a little sore so I went for an MRI and have a slight (even tiny) tear in my meniscus. If I need surgery (big if here it is small and may not warrant surgery) but if it does will this be a DQ? My doc says I should...
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    DoDMERB starts

    Hi, I applying to class of 2013. How soon will I be contacted for DoDMERB? On my candidate page when I go to the DoDMERB link and try to login I am not in the system. Do I initiate this or does the Naval Academy? Thanks!
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    I am off to NASS in 3 days......very excited...anyone else headed there.....I know USNAHOPEFUL (Kathleen) is going to Session 2... I am flying in from AZ ...... Julia
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    Pull Ups

    HELP! Ok I am good w/ ething for CFA but I am DYING on pullups and the B ball throw is totally a new thing to me I am distance runner what is the minimum I need to do at NASS???? I go to NASS please give me some idea of what is the best of the worst ;o)
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    Application process

    A dumb question I am sure but you know the saying the only dumb question is one that is unasked..... What will my USAFA application status page say under Your Status: Your Application is: I am applying for class of 2013. What will these 2 fields look like as the application process...
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    Recruited Athlete

    I am applying for class 2013 and have a question. I have been I read all of the discussions about applying to a service academy...... Right now the acceptance letters to the service academies are being mailed...I run cross country and track . In Cross Country the signing...