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    SA DODMERB Downloads?

    Don't know if this is the correct forum but do you Mr. MullenLE have a current download for the number of requested physicals?
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    No notification from USAFA about portal change

    Should I have gotten a notice of an update to my portal for the added nomination? I just checked and my nomination has been added but I didn't get anything from the academy about it.
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    AFROTC Scholarship PFA

    How competitive is a 96.4 for the pfa, I got a 9:03 on the run, 48 pushups, 48 situps, and my abdominal measurement is under 32.5.
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    application finished, nomination interviews scheduled, anything else?

    Anything else I am missing, I have finished everything and this long journey of an application is coming to an end. How long does it normally take to hear back about nominations, in particular from Toomey.
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    FVE Question

    Does attending the Falcon Visitation Experience guarantee an LOA?