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    tendonitis and flat feet

    For starters, I am a junior in high school and am just getting ready to start USMC option NROTC applications with my recruiter. I have been doing well on my path to that, until I was recently diagnosed with achilles tendonitis. This was most likely caused by my flat feet (they have never been...
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    I just found out that I have achilles tendonitis. I got it while on a fairly intense search and rescue mission, and it hurts with any vigorous activity. Doctor said it just needs to rest, but that is not an option. Will this be a posible disqualifying injury, or will it even be detected if I...
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    hi guys!

    Hi, my name is Laureas and I'm currently a junior in high school. I am trying for entrance into both the US Naval Academy, and a NROTC Scholarship. I am still not sure which path is the right one for me. My plan is to be commissioned into the Marine Corps through either path. I am currently very...