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    Orthodontic DQ

    Hello, I was asked to complete an orthodontic remedial questionairre because I have braces. I had my orthodontist do the paperwork, and I noticed that he said all my active treatment would be completed by June 2011, with the word 'retention' in () next to it. So, when I sent the letter back...
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    Wheat Gluten Allergy

    Hi all, I have had the opportunity to mentor a kid from my school district for about 6 years now. My best friend and I have always taken him "under our wings" and helped him out with anything from homework to to boy scouts to physically cocky seniors at school. He has wanted to go to USAFA...
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    Contacts vs. Glasses

    I have 20/50 vision in both eyes, so eyesight correction is not by any means required for me to get through a normal day, but it sure is nice to be able to see fine details. During basic training (and freshman year for that matter) will I be allowed to wear my contacts or will they force me...
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    Internet Restrictions

    Other than the obvious inapropriate material, what restrictions are placed on a cadet's web-surfing? I think I read somewhere on these forums that streaming video is banned (is that true btw? I assume that includes YouTube?) Is streaming music also banned? Anything else? Thanks!
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    Flying Team

    Hey all! I'm new here (12th grade, applying to USAFA). Here's my first question: What is the USAFA Flying Team? How do you get in? Is there a seperate application process? What about eyesight requirements? If it helps- I already have my private pilot's license, and I'll have my instrument...