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    ptr medical papers

    in the permit to report their is one packet regarding immunizations and one paper regarding eyesight and glasses and it is stated that the medical forms must be mailed by 5/15. IS this still the case despite the PTRs getting sent so late, and what are the consequences of this not getting out on...
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    What are the rules and regulations of accepting scholarships in addition to one's Appointment?
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    chances of waiver

    I am appointed in need of medical waiver for accutane waiver. I have talked to the waiver authorities at USNA and they said that it needs approved by one more doctor, then the dean, and then the superintendent, insinuating that it has been approved by other doctors. Considering this, is there...
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    With my medical condition, I am dq'd but will have it lifted after 8 weeks which is before I day, however i am eligible for waiver. If i do not receive a waiver, will i just not receive one or will i receive word my condition in unwaiverable?
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    cvw...proper etiquette

    Would it be considered wrong/improper/immature/ignorant to write your regional director and make a request to be put with a midshipman you are friends with?
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    Will I recieve and How long until waiver?

    I am currently appointed to USNA, class of 2012. I sent in all my paper work with statements from myself, my doctor, and all my blood tests regarding my use of accutane. I have no ill side effects and my blood work is all normal. I am set to finish my accutane program april 17. Today in the...
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    medical remedials

    Concerning medical remedials: Should the letter of a medical remedial have any special titles on it or information, such as last four digits of social security number, name, candidate number or anything of the like. Is it preferred to be sent 1st class/ priority mail? Finally, How should one...
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    Address for DoDMERB

    What address should remedials be sent to for DoDMERB?
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    MORE AP TEST Questions

    If one takes an AP Class, Does the Academy expect one to take the AP Test, even if AP Test scores are not a prerequisite for validation?
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    student leadership organization AND the naval academy

    What is the process behind the selection of the Midshipman leaders of the Brigade, such as company commmander etc.?
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    AP Testing

    I know this topic has been addressed but I have not found the specific answer to my question in any of the AP Test keyword tagged threads. My question is should one take an AP test in every single subject they took an AP class in, even if they predict they will not do well in it (4,5) or if they...
  12. T it worth it?

    If I already attended NASS and spent several days after there with a sport, and have received my appointment, how much help would going to CVW benefit me? Would the information and knowledge gained outweigh cost of plane ticket, travel, etc., considering I have been to the academy, know several...
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    Dodmerb Application Status

    When I log in on Dodmerb, and check my application status it says: Application: Closed. I am loa'd w/ a nomination....however I might be medically disqualified as of now and in the process of getting it overturned. Is that why it says closed, or does it mean my medical part of the application is...
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    Medical Remedials for Accutane

    I recently reported to DoDMERB that I am on accutane. I am LOA'd and have received a nomination, in addition to having been previously medically qualified, so I am now only awaiting my appointment in the mail. I have since received a letter from DoDMERB, as I expected, that I would have to...