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    First Generation USNA Applicant - Please Help

    Sorry, he applied as a rising junior? I thought they could not apply until mid- junior year? ( I have a rising junior as well)
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    Junior year

    Upon scheduling classes for upcoming school year, we did not realize that we needed Honors chem prior to the planned AP Chem. So Honors it is and I feel like its not adequate. Here's what the year looks like: AP US history AP US history Pre-Cal Spanish 4 Honors Eng 3...
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    ACT question

    Is USNA requiring the writing portion of ACT?
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    Classes for junior year 2015/16

    Taking Hon Physics this year- getting an A. Planning on AP Chem- better on junior/senior year?
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    Classes for junior year 2015/16

    Just wanting to know if this is an ideal class selection for junior year- AP U.S. History AP English Math 4 Spanish 4 Journalism/newspaper Weight lifting