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    What is the difference between a State Coordinator and Congressional District Coordinator when it comes to your FFR?
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    2nd Step Kit

    Anyone here not receive a 2nd step kit? I don't think I have gotten mine yet, is this normal or should I reach out to someone? Thanks
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    SAT Accommodations

    Good evening all, I am scheduled to take the SAT this month with double time. I was diagnosed with a learning disability when I was 9 that allows me to take the SAT with extra time, but I have never taken meds, nor have I ever needed extra time on a test I did at school, and I'm a high school...
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    I just finished my candidate questionnaire, but never received extra information for SLE. Does the questionnaire also serve as the SLE application, and if not, what should I do/who should I contact? Thanks
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    I am interested in becoming a pilot and applying to USAFA, but I am 6 foot 5. Is this too tall to be a pilot? I only weigh 200, so my weight shouldn't be an issue, but will my height affect me? Thanks.
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    How much weight does location hold on USAFASS application?

    I have heard that where you are from matters a lot. I live in New York City, will this put me at an advantage or disadvantage in terms of applying to summer seminar? Also, how much does location matter compared to test scores and grades and leadership. Thanks!