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    3Qed with nomination

    I know there are approximately 2,000 candidates who are 3Qed and only about 1,500 are offered admissions, but does being on a MOC nomination slate of ten do anything to improve your status if you are 3Qed? That is, if you are not selected as the nominee by the academy, does this put you ahead of...
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    Improving a candidates file

    My son has not had any communication with his BGO outside of an interview two months ago. Aside from the interview, we were unaware of the function of the BGO. Last month he sent his BGO an email with a simple question that went unanswered. So I called the academy and got the answer from them. I...
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    How to "toss a basketball"?

    My best basketball toss is 61 feet, but most tend to be 57 feet. I've been at it for a while, but there hasn't been much change. I'm 6', 163 lbs, can do 9 pull-ups, 55 push-ups. Is there some technique which works better? If I lean back too much I'm off balance; same with too much hip twist. I...