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    Light Table

    DS is out on second sea year and has decided a light table would be beneficial. Where can he find an inexpensive version to get him through the next few months?
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    books about the Citadel

    I'm trying to locate a book written by a Citadel graduate about the Citadel. I'm sure several have been written. Does anyone know the name of an author or the title of such book?
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    Congratulations 2013!!!
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    Midshipman Fee Account

    Does anyone know if the monies paid to the midshipman fee account are tax deductible as education expenses?
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    Return to KP

    DS is arriving at LaGuardia Sunday at 1:30pm. Is anyone else going to KP around that time of day? It would be nice to have someone to split the cost of the cab.
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    Required Immunizations

    Does anyone know where I can find out which immunizations are required to attend USMMA? Is the list the same for all academies? I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I'd like to take care of it all while they're covered by insurance.
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    Application Essays

    My son's application is nearly finished! However, he has the last essay to do. It is the one about providing any additional information that he feels cga needs to know that is not covered earlier in the application. He is drawing a blank. Any suggestions?
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    Migraine diagnosis

    My son had a headache in summer 2006 that came and went for about 5 days. The doctor said it was a migraine and prescribed Imitrex. Never filled the Rx and the headache went away with Aleve. Had another headache in summer of 2007. Again, only otc used to treat it. I saw the doctor's entry...
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    "Lactose Intolerance" as disqualifier

    My son and I are filling out his DD Form 2492 and need some advice. A couple years ago he had abdominal pain that we couldn't link to eating or not eating. I took him to the doctor who tried prevacid first. It didn't change anything. Next was lab testing including IgG and IgE for allergies...
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    2013 Hopeful's mom

    I've been reading on this forum for a couple of months now. Lots of great information and support on this incredible journey.