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    Quick question....when do mids have to be back in January? Trying to plan....mid in finals and has zero cell phone service in his room this year......I see when classes begin, just figured reform of the brigade was maybe the Friday evenng before!
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    Go Navy! Beat Air Force!

    Who is going to the game? We are flying in from Texas....haven't seen DS since Spring Break:eek: Got great seats, tickets for Alum Assoc/Parent group tailgate.....this mom is really excited. Would love to meet some of you......I will be easy to spot. Lime green cast on right foot and funny...
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    No comment yet on the rogue former mid who stowed away in Bancroft most of the summer? :eek:
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    7th Company Sea Trials.

    If you pm me, I will tell you how to get to 355 photos, mostly of 7th Company, on my son's facebook page.
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    Calling all Plebe Parents!!

    Sea Trials is Tuesday. Last year, there were fabulous photos all day on the USNA Facebook page. They posted 70-90 photos every, be watching if you can!
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    Army Vet Corps

    Anyone have any knowledge about Army Vet Corps. My son, second year vet student, applied for the second time this year. The recruiter he works with does not seem too knowledgeable about the whole process. Just wondering if anyone out there had any info.
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    Marine question

    Ok, weird situation. A young friend's new hubby is stationed in Okinawa. He was due to come stateside next week for the remainder of his contract. He is a helo ground crew chief. The other night, he was in barracks, drinking a few and playing x box with his buddies. Next thing he knows he...
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    While you are waiting......

    Here's a suggestion for those of you wading your way through the process and waiting for news from USNA, your MOC, etc. This forum is a wealth of information. Discussions change like the seasons. So, it might be helpful, interesting, or otherwise entertaining to see what was being discussed...
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    Herndon 2010

    Anyone else going to Herndon? I am super excited. My oldest son and I will be able to attend!
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    Permit to Report Packet

    Many of you are anxiously awaiting the permit to report packet which will arrive in your mailboxes mid to late May. It contains forms, lots of 'em. And lots of instructions. Incoming plebe will likely need to obtain more vaccinations. And vaccination records. You will fill out forms...
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    Gates at USNA

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates will be at USNA to review a formal parade this afternoon and deliver a lecture to the mids. Anyone on here lucky enough to get to be in Annapolis today! I'm hoping for pictures on facebook!
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    Under represented districts

    I pulled this list from one of the forums in the previous application cycle. A BGO, maybe 85, posted it there. I am copying my previous copy of the list! From a briefing to Blue and Gold Officers earlier this year. The following is a list of Under-represented districts at USNA. I do not...
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    To all who are waiting.......

    This is the tough time..............waiting. Congressmen are working through the nomination process. You have all put your very best packet together (or should be finishing that application pretty quickly......) And now all that is left is to wait. And wait. Only a year ago. Son and I...
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    Someone asked me a question I did not know the answer to this afternoon.......what tuition, fees, etc are associated with attending NAPS?
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    Unit told to remove armor from vehicles!!

    One of my daughter's high school teachers has a son in Afghanistan. With an Army "Striker" unit. (I am hoping some of you will forgive and straighten out my complete ignorance of military terminology!) Anyway, she told the students at school that her son had emailed that his unit, on the...
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    Too bad for NAVY football......
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    Whatever happened to........

    I guess we have been otherwise preoccupied lately. Hubby and I were walking this morning and got to wondering whatever happened to the soldier in Afghanistan who had apparently abandoned his post and was taken captive? He was paraded on TV saying how they were treating him well and he was...
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    PPW Get together!

    Well, what about a parent get together over PPW? Maybe on the 6th, the night before all the festivities get underway? Any interest? i thought it might be fun for us forum parents to put faces with names!
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    Letter from Annapolis!

    Got the coveted letter today. Mailed Monday from A-town. 4 days to west Texas. He sounds great. Said PEP is good, drill is good. :thumb: Wanted gatorade powder, nuts, beef jerky, photos, and news articles. I had already sent care package number 2 with all the above except news...
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    Horses at Oceana NAS?

    Maybe somebody here will know this......... While in Virginia Beach for a few days before USNA I-Day, we happened by Oceana NAS. Noticed a large number of horses and very nice barns/facilities.:confused: Middle Son was inducted at USNA July 1. However, his older brother is entering Vet...