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  1. AZcadet

    College Applicant

    I'm sure they accept college students just like all the other service academies. They are looking for a lot of the same things as high school students. It is important to show that you are excelling in a lot of the college courses that will be expected at the academy (Physics, Chemistry, Upper...
  2. AZcadet

    Pre-Plebe Relationships

    I don't know any specific relationships, but I know that it can be tough with any long distance relationship. If you two can make it work over the next four years, then the relationship will be a lot stronger.
  3. AZcadet


    Don't worry about the altitude. Not many of us come from high altitudes and the cadre know it. Thankfully, the tough stuff in Jacks Valley is after three weeks.
  4. AZcadet

    What would be my chances?

    I would try to focus on just a couple E.C.s and try to get leadership positions if you're limited by time, since admissions looks more for quality than quantity. Keep up with the grades and work on PSAT and SAT; that is time well spent. Great grades and good SAT/ACT scores won't give you an...
  5. AZcadet


    C's aren't going to look good on nominations. Try to do what you need to retake classes, boost GPA, and get academic average up. Take the ACT/SAT multiple times since you can combine best scores. I've heard of some amazing "turn-arounds". Do what you can to boost other areas as well. The only...
  6. AZcadet


    Plus, remember that you're not in this thing alone. We've got around 1600 other fellow Basics who can and will be there for us. I'm a bit nervous, but know this is what I've wanted to do for years.:wink:
  7. AZcadet

    CFA during summer seminar

    Maybe he thinks it counts because your cadet may look at it some in giving you your evaluation, but other than that it really shouldn't play a role in admissions.
  8. AZcadet

    Principle Nomination?

    In my experience, every thing has been pretty non-partisan in the selection process, and real professional. As long as you are polite and honest with the selection board, they are going to be fair in their selections. :smile: And I agree, in Arizona at least, I haven't heard of anyone getting a...
  9. AZcadet

    Summer Seminar Problem??

    It will sure put a dampener in your time, especially "Doolie for a day", but I think (help me out here!) you should be able to go. When I was there last year, there were some people who were hurt and couldn't run either. They just did what they could.
  10. AZcadet

    thin letter

    When I was there for Summer Seminar, they got awfully grumpy about that:rolleyes:, just think how much more so during Basic:biggrin:
  11. AZcadet

    well, its official

    My guess is it should take three weeks. I wouldn't expect it much sooner. If that's the case, I guess you would have to go to the last orientation date. But that's okay...That's when all the cool people are going:thumb:
  12. AZcadet

    Backup College

    For now, I'm keeping a backup school. I'd really hate to be a medical turnback after BCT (USAFA) and have nothing planned.
  13. AZcadet

    Dating at the academy...

    I believe the term at USAFA is squadrons. :wink:
  14. AZcadet

    "Thank you, we're very proud..."

    Sometimes I get irritated when people just assume I'm not going to college or am "wasting my life when I could go ivy league" (no offense). I just have to realize that I know and my (soon to be) fellow cadets know that we're proud of what we're doing and honored to serve our country.:rolleyes:
  15. AZcadet

    scholarship help

    I wouldn't worry too much about that though, since so many scholarships go unclaimed each year for lack of applicants.
  16. AZcadet


    I know there was a past question about Accutane, but I was wondering if it is still disqualifying to take it after you've taken the DODMERB? Is it okay if you're under doctor supervision or is it a definitive "no"?