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    Pre-Plebe Summer Injury

    My only objection to the notification system is that I am fairly certain this injury will not affect my abilities over the summer. Also, I have not received an official diagnosis for what happened and won't until this coming week. I will begin the notification process when I am clear on the...
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    Pre-Plebe Summer Injury

    How do the academies handle future plebes who are injured after accepting their appointments? Are they kicked out of the system immediately or are they accepted in if they are 100% by I-Day? If not accepted are they put on a list for next year's class? I recently sustained another occurence...
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    CFA during summer seminar

    My CFA at the Naval Academy Summer Seminar DID count and was the only CFA I ever took. Also, that score was forwarded to my Air Force Academy application. I have received official Appointment offers from both academies.
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    I understand that Plebe Summer is supposed to be a challenge, but how many times during the summer will there be a chance to just sort of chill? Like one of you said you had the privilege of teaching the honor concept. Is that taught in a civilized discussion or during indoc? I'm just curious...
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    Standard medical checks?

    I have a "check on entry" to the Air Force Academy for my waiver. What does this mean?
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    Panorex x-ray, wisdom teeth - fun!

    "I'm NOT looking forward to oral surgery.." Sorry guys...
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    Panorex x-ray, wisdom teeth - fun!

    What percentage of plebes have to get their wisdom teeth removed? I have an appointment on its way in the mail, but don't have any specifics on this. For some reason, I'm looking forward to oral surgery...
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    Another thin one

    I got a 5 on the Calc BC test and a 5 Cal AB sub-score. Do I have to test out of calculus when I get to the Naval Academy? At Air Force you do...
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    Another thin one

    I had a 580 Critical reading and 750 Math. I received an LOA back in October and received an offer of appointment as soon as my medical waiver was clear. Also, I have an offer of Appointment from the Air Force Academy, and a four-year NROTC scholarship that I could accept. Unfortunately, I...
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    validation exams

    I plan on majoring in mathematics so I'm going to do everything I can to ensure that I validate Cal I and II. I believe that I knew it far better than everyone in my class and would hate to endure all of that again...
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    DQ'ed and Waiver not granted for back USNA

    I dislocated my knee back in February of '07 and received a DQ in November '07. After going to an Orthopedic Specialist, he sent in his report that was definitely an "A+" as well. My waiver came in today, and probably would have come in back in February had there not been some administrative...
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    validation exams

    Now, I can answer every question on that exam. I missed two because I missed two sign changes, but I also did it in about 40 minutes instead of 90. Honestly, I would have corrected the errors had I taken all 90 minutes to finish, but what is passing? I made a 5 on my Calculus BC exam. How...
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    Thin envelope- waitlisted

    I have an offer of appointment to both Navy and Air Force and will most likely go to Air Force after I visit the campus. Maybe they'll give you my Naval Academy Appointment offer =]
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    Accepting an Appointment Offer

    If I accept my offer of appointment during the Appointee Orientation, will I get my "appointee kit" there?
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    well, its official

    If I accept the appointment while I'm there, do I get the kit right then?
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    Orthodontic DQ

    I had this DQ and when I got my braces removed in October I sent a letter in and it dissappeared from the site. I doubt they will remove the DQ until you are officialy done with braces.
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    USAFA waiver

    I sent in my letter for the USAFA waiver back in November. I didn't hear a single word about it until I finally called at the end of February. If the admissions counselor said the sit tight, then that is probably all you can do.
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    Computers for the Class of 2012???

    What is this "appointee package?" I was told by the admissions office to look in there for boot types and now by you for the computer specs... I received my offer of appointment, but is the "appointee package" after I accept it? The only reason why I'm holding out is because I have not...
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    Medical waiver delay?

    I was waiting for a waiver and after I got it, admissions told me that my file was being reviewed again for admission. I received an appointment not long after getting the waiver.
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    Computers for the Class of 2012???

    Also, do cadets keep their computers upon graduation?