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    good movie

    Our family really enjoy watching "Master and Commander" this weekend. It came out a couple of years ago. I think that it is worth seeing as it accurately depicts naval warfare in the early 19th century.
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    PPW - sleeping arrangements

    During PPW, are the mids allowed to stay with their parents in the hotel or do they return to their dorm rooms each evening?
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    Dates for I-day, PPW and first day of classes?

    Does anyone have accurate dates for: I-Day - package says July 1st, calendar says June 26th PPW - calendar says August 7th, also visitor center agreed. Some parents have said it is the following weekend... Fall Classes begin - August 20th or August 24th? Seen both listed on calendars...
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    Most active forum site?

    Has anyone noticed that USNA is the most active group on this forum? What does it mean?:wink:
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    California Senators

    Has anyone heard from our California Senators? I am having my Congressional interview soon, but have heard nothing from the two Senators. I understand they interview by the telephone. Sounds like a lot of people have already had interviews in their states.
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    Dodmerb website down?

    Hello, does anyone know why the Dodmerb website has been down?