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    Phone call time frame for this Sunday.....

    Update I received a letter from my plebe yesterday. It seems that I company will be calling home at 2 pm eastern time. If times are different for other companies it may be nice to go ahead and post them for the parents who have not received that letter with the time of their phone call.
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    Phone call time frame for this Sunday.....

    Does anyone know what the time frame is for our plebes to call home this Sunday? I remember with my other two it was like 4pm - 6pm, but I was told this by a letter. I haven't received any letter this time for stating what the time frame is. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    I-Day Forms

    There is a NFCU branch on the yard. If you are looking at the mid store from the parking lot look to your left to the breezeway. It is located on the left under the breezeway. It will be open on IDay for parents to put money in your plebes account or if you need to open an account you could...
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    Items in packet

    Geoff, In your package should be a booklet labeled: Important Information for the Class of 2013 (The picture is from IDay last year - my firstie is up front in the wedge). Look inside and it provides you with a check list of every paper needed to be filled out. I hope this helps you...
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    HS Graduation Gifts for those Academy Bound?

    Some of the gifts my mids received for graduation were a really nice sportswatch (taking away on I-Day but given back on PPW), a digital camera (sent towards the end of plebe summer in time for the baseball game), laptop computer (brought up on PPW), alarm clock with no music and projected the...
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    Permit to report package?

    As I recall from my mids (an 09 & 11) their "Permit to Report" package came in April for them. It will be a thick package with lots of paperwork to fill out. My youngest one is waiting for her's to come as she will be joining you in the Class of 2013. Congrats on your appointment!
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    Plebe Summer Commanders

    aznarkarus... Let's just say they are extremely tired after being so dedicated to the new plebes. My daughter was on reg staff last year plebe summer (1st set). Everyday she was to bed at 2am and up at 5am. Would she do it all over again...she sure would. She went on to be company...
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    Navy Cheerleading

    Gold is a combination of plebes, youngsters and 2nd class. Blue has a couple of plebes, some youngsters, some 2nd class and firsties. Each year this changes though. Last year had no plebes on blue (different coach). This year they got a new coach and he looks at skill and experience. You...
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    Plebe Summer Commanders

    I believe they will only be for the first set. All positions are changed in the middle of plebe summer.
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    Navy Cheerleading

    It depends. Some years have alot of mids trying out , others don't. To make the blue squad tumbling is required. My firstie has been cheering for the four years there, started on the gold squad and moved to blue the middle of plebe year and stayed there throughout the 4 years (moved to...
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    Cell Phone Coverage?

    Both of my mids have verizon. Neither one have ever had any problems with their service (calling, texting and emailing) and they are at two different sides of bancroft. One of my mids even has our sling box coming through his blackberry so he never misses his favorite show or favorite team...
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    OMG...never saw this before(NASS 2006). My D (now a firstie) was one of the NASS cadre and my S (now a youngster) was attending. I found them both in this video. My youngest D attended this past NASS...she came home finished her application, received her LOA, received her medical waiver and...
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    Anyone else having problems with DODMERB website?

    jrdarkness, Thanks for your reply. She has tried all of that and didn't have any success. We never had this problem before with her siblings.
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    Anyone else having problems with DODMERB website?

    My D has been trying to sign onto the DODMERB website thru her USNA site and is unsuccessful. It says she already has established a user name and password but this was her first time on this site. She emailed the webmaster twice and has yet to receive a reply. She also called the number given...
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    NASS Problem

    The list came in the original paperwork for Summer Seminar (the packet with the accept/decline sheet, medical waiver, etc). In case you have misplaced it you will need to bring: A couple sets of civilian clothes for travel and academic workshops 6-8 pairs of athletic shorts 10-12 pairs of...
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    My daughter received a letter the first week of May. She was accepted early but I did not send in her money until the cut off date (I was waiting to see if her doctor would clear her due to surgery). You will need a letter that you should receive soon along with a Photo ID to get onto the...
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    NASS Forms

    Sealion- There is no form that needs a physician's signature for NASS. The Medical Power of Attorney form that has to notorized is all they require.
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    Navysupporter- Same thing happened to my daughter. My daughter emailed the academy with her new ACT and SAT scores. They sent back a note saying that they would put them in her file but the Summer Seminar decision will be based off her SS application scores. Funny thing is she received an...
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    Semper- Sorry I haven't been on in a few days....we are from North Carolina.
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    Backup College

    Keeping a back up plan wouldn't be such a bad idea. I know this past I-Day there were 6 plebes detained in Alumni Hall for medical problems. They only kept 2 and denied the other 4 their appointments due to medical problems. One of them thought he had a sprained wrist from playing a game of...