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    Getting Out

    Are you sure about the source of the $8,000? The ace loan that you agreed to at the beginning of Plebe summer - you know all that money for your uniforms, computer etc. Well, it is very clearly stated that if you leave the Academy before the full amount is repaid (which does not occur until...
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    Race/Ethnicity and Admission

    That is so current and has nothing to do with abandoning SAT's for admittance. As far as the class rank goes, in Texas it is alive and well do to the 10%. But in many other states and particularly in many of independent private schools class rank is not calculated. We see the question asked...
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    Race/Ethnicity and Admission

    Your kidding right? If you are not you are wrong when it comes to UT Austin. Living in the state, having kids in the system, and one applying this year this has never come up. Many schools do not rank students. So now you add into...
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    What seating section in PHL for Mids

    LOL! The last thing I would want to do is sit across from the Mid section smack in the middle of the Army fans! This site will give you the seating for Army and Navy: Mids and Cadets...
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    PPW Packets

    ^^^ And where did you get this information? The detailers that I have spoken to have said they encouraged their plebes to let their parents know on last Monday's phone call to come to PEP. Just because it was closed last summer does not mean it is again this summer. For the class of 2011 it was...
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    PPW Packets

    If your daughters squad is going over to the O course or Tarzan course you will not be able to attend as those courses are over at Naval Station Annapolis (across the Severn) PEP was not openly encouraged, prior to PPW, for the Classes of 2011 and 2012. For the Class of 2011, on Thursday...
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    PPW - How far can we go?

    ^^^ Very true sorry the link was broken. Lets try this: Click on first entry for the slide...
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    new computers for class of 2013

    Not just an USNA IT ban - the funny thing is this certainly does not bother my Mid nor any of Mid's friends. Just another "one of those things in their minds." Funny how it gets those not there all riled up...
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    new computers for class of 2013

    I am under the impression from my Mid that the no flash drives and not allowing non DOD computers access to the internet is a NAVY directive in relationship to security issues. The class of 2010 was issued flash drives back in 2006 but cannot use them now. The youtube and facebook is a joke -...
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    PPW - How far can we go?

    My Mid, who is a detailer, is under the impression that it will be the same as last year - encompassing the Baltimore and DC metro area's. Last year there was a presentation to the Parents Friday morning that outlined the limits. Slide 1 PPW LIBERTY 2008 The red circle marks the farthest...
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    wait list

    Our experience with USNA's admissions office was extremely professional. They contacted my son when needed but certainly did not "court" him, nor do I believe it is their job to court an applicant. The last thing the they should be doing is making a candidate feel very "wanted" when in fact the...
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    Men's Toiletries for Plebe Summer

    No, they are getting a netbook which is very different from a laptop. A netbook is only for connecting to the internet. You can email, chat, IM, blog, get to facebook, surf, stream audio and video. You can not work on or run any software. So...
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    ACT & SAT Scores

    Where did you gat this information? I attended CVW with niece and they said they did not look at the overall GPA, but evaluated on the course work grade, and level of classes, but did not recalculate that information into a GPA. They also indicated that schools that do not rank typically send an...
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    2012 'Carry On'

    Why should the class get a carry on for the rest of the year when they clearly did not do this "on their own" but did so with assistance from the faculty? I am sure there are no rules as to faculty assistance but when it is supposed to be an accomplishment of the Class of 2012 in order to earn...
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    ^^^LOL Oh yes IT can see where you are going and what you are doing! Most employers can, so now don't go thinking this is a gov't thing.
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    The scholarships for foundation are filled, it does not mean that you cannot pay for foundation on your own and then be in a good position for the class of 2014.
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    Letter From USNA Foundation

    If USNA is what you really want - you can always pay for the year of foundation on your own and then you are fairly assured of a spot in c the class of 2014. All depends on what you want and if you have the resources to pay for foundation.
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    Signing day for athletes

    In my area our MOC did the press release. It was nice as the article was about all of the kids going to all of the Academies.
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    HS Graduation Ceremony

    My Mid did not have his BGO present his Appointment for many of the same reasons stated above. Did not want the attention, nor the accolades. He said save those for when he is commissioned. Then he will have earned them but not before. Before all it is is a decision. No different than the rest...
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    Acceptance question

    USNA is actually expanding. Over the past few years they have increased the size of the entering classes and attrition is down. Mid has indicated that starting with the class of 2014 (rumor is it will not happen this coming fall but then again could) the entire brigade will be shot-gunned and...