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    Best Printer?

    The last thread about printers in this forum is over 10 years old, so I figured I'd make a new one. Any sort of recommendations for a printer for USAFA cadets? (specifically, doolies?) Here are a few that I've been looking at: Canon - PIXMA TS3520 Epson - Expression Home XP-4100 Epson - EcoTank...
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    The Acronym List

    Can someone add this as well: GTCC - Government Travel Charge Card
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    What Else to Pack + Bring to I-Day?

    @SpiritCommitteeLiaison Has there been any update on when the squadrons, PO boxes, or reporting times will be assigned? My portal still doesn't list any of these items. Anyone else able to see their addresses yet?
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    USAFA Math Validation Passing Score

    I was appointed this year and had the exact opposite experience. I received my score after taking each of the three tests, but I don't know what math course I have been placed into nor what the minimum passing score is. Guess I'll find out when I get there 🙃
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    Appointed But No Checklist Yet….

    Same, I'm about to send an email to Team Blue about it. I just did a quick google search and was able to find it though.
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2026

    Updated #53 to Accepted. #GoAirForce
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2026

    NUM Username DD/DS/Self LOA OfferDate Accept/Decline State Nom Source(s) Appt From COMMON OPTIONS FOR EACH COLUMN ---------------> 1) DD 2) DS 3) Self 1) LOA 2) No LOA Mmm-DD (Jan-15) 1) Undecided 2) Will Decline 3) Will Accept 4) Declined 5) Accepted State Abbrev 1) Pres 2) Vice Pres 3) Sen...
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    C/O 2026 Appointee Tours

    Has anyone received information about when USAFA will offer tours just for Class of 2026 Appointees, if they will offer any this year? Looking through past threads, it looks like dates were released in early March for previous classes, but I haven't seen anything yet for this year. I live on the...
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2026

    NUM Username DD/DS/Self LOA Offer_Date Accept/Decline State Nom Source(s) Appt Type 1 3xj1968 DS LOA Dec-21 Accepted FL Sen, MOC Direct 2 nw2003 Self NO LOA Dec-21 Accepted IN Sen, MOC Direct 3 Phoenix41003 Self No LOA Jan-11 Accepted IN Sen, MOC Direct 4 Koraozzy DD LOA Jan-11 Accepted...
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    Transportation to/from Academy?

    Just out of curiosity... does USNA (or any other academy) pay for flights and other transportation to/from the Academy? I believe the first flight to I-Day is paid for, but what about flights home at the end of the school year or flights for other midshipmen besides plebes?
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    2026 Candidate Portal Down

    Hi all, Is anyone else having trouble getting into the candidate portal? I have checked both my username and password but an error message keeps coming up. It's weird because the same thing happened a few days ago, but that just took a few minutes and I was able to get back in. This time, I...