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    Applying as a freshman in college

    Not really sure where to begin. When I was younger and up until about sophomore year I was obsessed with going to either Notre Dame or the Naval Academy. And then things started to cool. ND kind of fell off of the map because I didn't really want to go to a school that was 85%+...
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    Taking Calc based Physics at Community College?

    would this fulfill my requirement for 2 semester worth of calculus based physics? (I know I'd have to take two classes.) I would like to do this for a couple of different reasons. If I get the scholarship (No, I have not received the scholarship yet. However, my local CC sent out a mailing...
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    Help!!! Out of shape, but would still like to apply!

    I’m interested in a NROTC scholarship but might apply for AFROTC scholarship as well, but I think I would prefer the Navy. Ok, so long story short, I am pretty much set grade wise/academics to put me in range for a NROTC scholarship (4.2ish weighted GPA, 2110 SAT, Eagle Scout, Class Rep in...
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    NROTC...a couple of questions?

    The Navy makes it sound like you only have to take a couple required classes, and do a couple cool things in the summer, and they'll give you $180,000 to go to the school of your choice....but I know that's not really the case. How often do you have to get up early for PT? I was talking to...
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    How hard is it to get a ROTC scholarship...?

    Ok...I know it is pretty hard and it depends on branch and major...or at least I think I do. So I got an NROTC brochure in the mail yesterday and their minimum requirements were quite low, something like a 530 Math SAT and a 520 CR, and they made it sound like practically everyone who applies...
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    2015 Swab hopeful (Chances)

    Hi, I'm young, 15 and as my username suggests I want to go to the Naval Academy. But it's not that I'm having second thoughts, but as I get older and do more research on careers in the CG and Navy, I'd think I'd like it more in the CG. But bottom line is I want to be in one of those branches...
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    Swimming requirements???

    How much swimming do you have to do to graduate from the Academy? It's not that I'm afraid or can't swim, I'm just not a really strong swimmer. At think at USNA they have to do a 10M jump to simulate jumping from a ship, CGA too? Also, do you have to do the 1000M in 40 minutes or whatever?
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    A career in the Navy question?

    How many times will I have to be on a ship, that is deployed, or leaves port? I know it probably varies from job to job, but I was wondering which jobs are on ship the most and which the least? It's not that I don't want to be on a ship, I do, but I don't want to spend most of my career on one...
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    Military Job security

    What is the job security going to be like for all the 5 branches in the next 10-20 years. I know the Air Force is going through a lot of reductions right, but I was wondering about the other branches. (I'm thinking more along the lines of officer) Coast Gaurd Air Force Army Navy...
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    "I believe that we will win" shirt

    I know those shirts are a few years old, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could buy one. I couldn't find any on ebay, the USNA fan gear store or by googling it. Just wondering if anyone knew of a place or site. Thanks
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    How hard is it to get a full NROTC or AFROTC scholarship?

    Does it depend on the University? My main one for ROTC is Notre Dame (if I get in), but I am willing to go a lot of places if it means going to college for free. I'm only a freshman in H.S., but I have a 4.2 GPA (4.25 highest possible), I am a little weak on staderdized testing, but I am...
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    Plebe Summer

    I know you guys probably get a lot of questions about this topic, but I have a couple. How long is it? I've heard 7 weeks, but I'm not sure. Can I have some examples on what you did and what they put you through. What was the hardest thing you did? For plebe year in general, how often do...
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    Physical requirments/Swimming

    I want to go to the Academy, but I want to know and prepare myself for some of the physical stuff I will have to do to graduate. I've picked up a couple things from books I've such as the jump from (how many feet?) to simulate jumping from a ship and something about having to swim in the...
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    I am a freshman in H.S. and I am already planning to go to the Naval Academy or Notre Dame as my dream schools. I am also considering USCGA and USAFA. I will probably be asking a lot of dumb questions about getting in, staying, swimming, etc... so bear with me.