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    Letter of Recommendation from a Vice Admiral

    Hi all, My uncle knows a Vice Admiral who has agreed to write a letter of recommendation on my behalf; however he wants to meet me before he does so. My parents have agreed to fly me down from Maine to meet with him in Baltimore. I know this wont be an automatic guarantee of an appointment...
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    Candidate Activities Record Problem

    About a week ago I submitted my Candidate Activities Record. Unfortunately, I did it in a rush and without the assistance of my father. For some reason I get anxious with the whole USNA admissions process and I have this feeling that I have to get everything sumbitted in a rush. The problem...
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    Using scholarships to pay for utilities

    Howdy all, When I was at the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar, one of the professors suggested that we apply for other scholarships even though we don't need them for the Academy. He claimed that we can use them to pay for books and haircuts and stuff, so that we can get the full cadet pay...
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    contacting my BGO for the first time

    I got rejected from SS - because of low SAT scores. I haven't received any official candidate stuff in the mail yet - probably because I haven't been deemed one yet. However my motivation to go to the Academy is 110%, and I want to get things rolling. I'd like to get in contact with my BGO...
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    English Teacher Reccomendation

    My English teacher found out she has some chronic disease- I forget what the name of it is- but she is in a lot of pain and is currently receiving treatment in Massachusetts. So my question is, who can I have write my reccomendation? This is my junior year and I need an English teacher to...
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    USNA Baseball Camp

    I didn't get into USNA Summer Seminar. However, I got into the USAFA Summer Seminar and a Engineering Camp at the USAFA. However, USNA is my first choice, so my father and I decided I should do a baseball camp at USNA this July. I'm all signed up and everything. So, I was just wondering if...
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    S.A.M.E Engineering and Construction Camp

    Hey all, I'm attending a Society of American Military Engineers (S.A.M.E) Engineering and Construction camp at the Air Force Academy. It was fairly competetive to get into, and it allows you to spend a week at the AFA focusing on Engineering stuff. Is this something I can put onto my...
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    "whole person" concept

    I'm not amazing at academics. I am taking mostly honor level classes, however I got a 79 last year for Honors Algebra 2 for a final grade. And this year I might get a C+ in honors precal. Overall, I'm mainly a B student in honors level classes. I'm not in NHS, but I am in the top 20% of the...
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    When should I send in my application?

    Hello, I had a few questions about the timing of your application. I took the SAT back in January and received 570 math and 590 CR. I take it again May 1st and I've been preparing so hopefully those scores will be in the mid 600's. Additionally, I hope to begin my Eagle Scout project soon so...
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    updating my SS file?

    I recently got rejected from NASS due to low standardized test scores (my sophomore year PSAT). However, recently I took the SAT and received better scores. Is there any way I can update my SS file, because I dont want the Academy to deny me as a candidate because of low test scores. Or...
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    legal trouble

    Howdy everyone. I'm a junior in high school and have been working hard my whole life to get into the Academy. Unfortunately, the other night I got in trouble for being in a college parking lot late at night with friends. The police searched my friends car and found a bottle of liquor that was...
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    Career Question

    This is a little off topic, but it does deal with the Naval Career aspect. If you are fortunate enough to get a pilot slot after graduation, and even more fortunate to get a jet slot: could you switch pipelines halfway through your career? I know i'm jumping the gun, but it is a good idea to...
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    police record

    how much consideration does the academy take in your police record? is it enough to break you? just wondering
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    Transition from P-3 to P-8

    Howdy. I'm currently aiming for USNA class of 2015. Furthermore, I'm aiming for a pilot slot. For the longest time I've wanted to choose the ASW/Patrol platform over the jet platform- mainly because I want to fly the P-8. Anyways, the P-8 isn't scheduled to replace the P-3 until 2014 or so. So...
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    Academy Sponsors

    How do you get a sponsor at the Naval Acadmey and how does it work? I have a ton of family in the area so can they be my sponsor? and how often are we allowed to leave to visit sponsors?
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    Deadline for Eagle Scout

    Hey guys, I'm currently a sophomore in high school and i'm going into my junior year. Right now, I'm a Star Scout and really close to getting my life scout. Anyways, I want to get Eagle Scout because it will help my application, and it will prepare me for the application process. My main concern...
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    P-8 Poseidon

    The P-8 Poseidon will be replacing the P-3 Orion around 2013. Does anyone know how competitive it will be in flight school to get a spot flying the P-8. Is anyone else just dying for this plane to roll out?
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    Foreign Exchange programs??

    Hey all. I'm going for USNA class of 2015, and I am interested in Majoring in Aeronautical Engineering or Political Science. Aside from that, I am VERY interested in studying abroad for awhile, and I would like to do it at the Naval Academy. So, I wanted to know what programs there are, how...
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    Sports crunch...need input fast

    hey guys, im currently planning on playing 3 sports this year for my high school: soccer, swimming, and baseball. I'm considering quitting soccer because of very complicating reasons that would take too long to explain on this forum, but im basically on the verge of quitting soccer or still...
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    I just completed freshman year and here are my grades: Ancient Medieval History: 91, 92,Final: 92 Algebra 1 Academic: 88, 93 Final: 91 Geophysical Science: 92, 90 Final: 91 PE: 93, 91 Final: 92 Spanish II: 90, 87 Final: 89 English I Honors: 92...