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    Unoriginality is my specialty...

    By the rules of physics: a projectile, no matter how hard it is thrown, will not reach its maximum range potential unless it is thrown at and angle that is exactly 45 degrees relative the horizontal. So... you could chuck that b-ball pretty darn hard but if it's not close to 45* then you will be...
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    Acceptance Day

    well from a first hand view of having been in the parade as a 4digg... it went great! i dont really know how many people fell out but mom and dad said there were a few. it feels so awesome to not be a basic anymore!!!:thumb:
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    What Can I Bring?

    just to clarify... i should bring my cell phone to I-day? I realize it'll be taken away and put in storage. I've been told to bring it by some people... but others tell me to have the parentals bring it on parents weekend.
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    What Can I Bring?

    can you bring the digital picture fram right away? or do you have to wait till parent's wknd to have it brought out?
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    credit to a friend of mine for this idea-- the day you leave for inprocessing, drop yourself a letter in the mail reminding you all the reasons you're going to the academy, possibilities after basic &or graduation, etc. You'll most likely have forgotten about it by the time it arrives with the...
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    Accessing DODMERB

    You all are doing better that I am... I can't even get the flipping website to come up! It always says 'Internet Explorer cannot display the web page" Tried accessing it from several different computers on completely different Internet networks and got the same result: nothing. Anyone else...
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    Air Force must do more for war, Gates says

    Amen to that! It's disgusting that they were investigating baseball steroid scams when we're at war...
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    This broke my heart

    The fact that this type of 'kangaroo justice' happened in the first place is inexcuseable. I'm very glad to hear you say they've done something about it. The only time I ever lost interest in USAFA for a while was after I read about the rape cover-ups that happened in that same relative time...
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    Orthodontic DQ

    I'm going to request a waiver just to be on the safe side. How do I start the process? What do I say, and to whom do I say it?
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    All Female Submarines

    Who is s/he lol? Actually, she gets in a better mood when I come around according to her friends lol! :biggrin: Thinking about that brings to mind a certian phrase: "Dear Lord, thank you for thine blessing which you have bestowed upon me!" :shake:
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    All Female Submarines

    I very much agree with you on some points, and very much disagree on others. Since I'm realtively knew onto the forums, here's some background information. I have utmost respect for women. My girlfriend will be attending USAFA and I wish her and every other female cadet at any service academy...
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    As it plans, Navy looks across Pacific

    i second that one. you sell our secrets, you sell your life. I'm sure some would like to see me flayed alive for having that view, but just remember that in a really really big war, would you want the enemy to have the same abilities you do? nada.
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    All Female Submarines

    :oops: hehe that lady scares me. *shivvers*
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    All Female Submarines

    you must have missed the "only joking" part of my post.
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    All Female Submarines

    lighten up VM :tongue:
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    All Female Submarines

    submarines = cramped, tight, etc. special happy time of month + cramped quarters, no place to get away = bad moods. bad moods + keys to ICMBs = buh bye china! :rolleyes: and for those of you on whom humor survives naught... I"M JOKING!!! :thumb:
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    All Female Submarines

    cool idea... but... just think what'll happen if 1/2 of them all hit that "special happy time of the month" at the same time... :zip: :eek: :help: :wow: :hammer: :stretcher: :yikes:
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    April Fools anyone?

    that is awesome! :thumb: I'm so stealing it lol!!! :shake:
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    Orthodontic DQ

    Hello, I was asked to complete an orthodontic remedial questionairre because I have braces. I had my orthodontist do the paperwork, and I noticed that he said all my active treatment would be completed by June 2011, with the word 'retention' in () next to it. So, when I sent the letter back...
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    Married Troops can live together in Iraq

    curious as to what the air force's policy is on this? it may very well affect how long i stay in active duty past my ten year academy commitment.