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    ROTC and Employment

    I know that my brother, as a student at USNA, isn't allowed to have a job during the summer or anything like that. What are the rules for Army ROTC students? Can we have a job during the summer, or get an internship during the summer?
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    Technical AROTC Scholarship

    So I got my letter in the mail today, and it said that I have been awarded a four year "technical" scholarship to the schools I applied for. What does this technical mean? Is it like AFROTC, where it's just science and engineering? Or would my intended major, accounting, fall under this as...
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    I was so excited to get my AFROTC acceptance letter. But I also have a problem. The school I want to go to has a crosstown agreement, which means every Tuesday you have to drive an hour to this other school, take your two classes there, then drive back. By the time you get back home, it's...
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    I was diagnosed with Vocal Cord Dysfunction during the summer of my freshman and sophomore year of high school after a misdiagnosis of asthma. For those who aren't familiar, VCD is very similar to asthma, in that breathing problems occur, except that its the vocal cords that close up and cause...