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    Does USMMA give a retirement?

    Hey guys, I spent last weekend in Santa Barbara with my dad who served in the army and the merchant marines....he was born in 1926. He had stated that the USMMA doesn't give a retirement he right? Hmmm, if so, why? Just curious.
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    Is IDAY viewable this year?

    Good Morning! We have two friends swearing in today. Last year my husband was able to watch my son's swearing in ceremony on the laptop; I went to the Navy website and I don't see a link for it this year; does anyone know if it will be viewable today anywhere? Please advise, I will keep...
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    PRT Calculator

    Does the Naval Academy and West Point use the PRT Calculator to figure out their scores. The Navy calculator only shows curl ups, push ups, and 1.5 mile, so how are the other events calculated in? Also, does West Point use the same PRT Calc.? I will putting in my son's scores and just curious...
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    NASS 3rd session!

    Has anyone heard much from your kids? Any pictures posted anywhere?
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    AT NASS, what day is CFA?

    Does anyone know what day of the week the CFA is done on. Son is attending session 3.
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    are average cfa's posted?

    What are the average cfa's for each event?
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    NRROTC Tulane anyone?

    Does anyone have any experience with Tulane NROTC, any positives/negative info or input?
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    Nrotc tulane...anyone?

    In looking at the many options, does anyone have any knowledge, experience, positive/negative advice, anything on NROTC at Tulane? Thanks!
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    How to find a forum member??

    How does one find a member on this forum? Is there a list of all the members on this forum somewhere? For an example: If I am looking for "maui" do I message them on the forum? Thanks.
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    CFA mile run at WP SLS

    Does anyone know if the mile run in on a quarter mile track or otherwise? thanks.
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    NASS Wait listed or rejection letter?

    I notice some of you are saying that you didn't get in to NASS; did you actually receive a rejection letter or a letter placing you on the wait list? Just curious if there is a difference. Thanks.
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    Should preference be expressed at the nomination interview

    Should one express right up front which academy they choose to serve for during the nomination interview before the board? What if a candidate is torn between two academies like USNA, West Point, and/or Air Force? From past experience it is felt that it may hurts a candidates chances if one...
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    Those accepted to Nass

    Could you share your ACT or SAT scores; just want to see what the range of scores are that they are looking at and selecting for NASS. Thanks....
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    which scores doe CGA combine?

    Second son is preparing for CGA? Which scores does the coast guard look at and combine on SAT and ACT? (ie: Critical reading and math or English and Math) etc...
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    Be sure your signed up for I-DAY PICNIC!

    Everybody probably already knows but just incase it slipped by you, don't forget to sign up for the picnic on I-day. I believe the deadline is June 19th!
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    What company are you in?

    Hey Anyone, Does anyone know how to find out if even possible what company our plebes are in? A friend asked me and I didn't know what that meant. Is that the group your assigned to? Any info is good....LOL
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    Plebe parents....time is short!

    Hi everyone, As a mom, and I know there are 1200 parents out there feeling like me, I am (more than ever) really feeling time slip away rapidly. I-day is just around the corner and our babes are gone. Keep thinking about all the mothers and fathers before us that have had to go through this...
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    "Best" taxi cabs in Annapolis????

    Hey All, Any input on the best, most reliable taxi cabs in Annapolis just incase we decide to use one at anytime? Also, please specify any taxi cab companies we should stay away from! Thanks.
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    teeth retainers while at USNA

    Does anyone know if the USNA provides new retainers when their existing ones are lost or damaged?
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    CGA computers....

    Somewhere I read a thread where the CGA selected their computers; anyone know what type of computers were selected?