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  1. J

    i need help..

    i got an alternate nomination for w.p. but the portal with nom.s hasnt said anything should it. i got the letter about 2 weeks ago? thanks
  2. J

    i need help?s on dinner..invite

    ive been invited to an informational dinner etc..for usma and trying both and it says bring a parent about 40 kids will be a university near by with an usma rep there..what should i wear?/what are these dinners like?
  3. J

    CFA ?! help

    can you drop to the ground..and"shake it out..or is the drop stopping the whole pullups says 2 mins..but does that get stopped if you drop to the ground? 6 then shake it out then do 5?
  4. J

    what does this mean ?

    Date of Incomplete Case Closed-Submitted to DODMERB (Can Reopen with DODMERB Approval) i jsut took the eye exam yesterday..and the physical today..i couldnt give the date of appt.for my physical because they said walkins only..but i got it done today,im worried? will they not take my papers...
  5. J

    dodmerb ?s and sick

    ive been coughing pretty badly for about a week..but its getting better..tmrw am i have the eye exam and my physical site..said walkins only so im thinking tues or wed..should i wait longer because of my cold?
  6. J

    athletes ?s..

    i just recently got a letter from the wrestling coach with 3 possible tickets to visit the school and watch a football go on an unofficial visit to west point..anyone been through this before ?