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    BGO Interview in 2 hours

    usna1985, Where are your stickies above relative to what to expect in the BGO interview? Thanks.
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    Call from Annapolis

    So sorry to hear about your son; your family and son are in our prayers. Please keep us posted on how he is doing.
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    Anyone have experience with interviews?

    Just A Mom's analogy is AWESOME! I was reading it to my son here in the den and he was laying on the floor just laughing...LOL!
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    To add, my mid would never take the time to go so what I do now is I schedule a dental trip when he's on leave so I know that he at least sees our dentist twice a month. Good Luck!
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    To be considered for LOA

    I think Profmom2 has clearly demonstrated that an LOA can be given at the discretion of the academy any time during the application process even if the paperwork, medical exams, and remedials, etc. are incomplete. Thanks!
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    Car insurance for your cadet - save some $$$

    We have Allstate and we dropped our son plebe year. When he comes home he is fully covered under the "visiting relative" clause when he drives our cars and is treated like a relative that comes to see you and drives your vehicle; he is not covered by our insurance to drive any other car that is...
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    Does USMMA give a retirement?

    should have been USMMA and I realized it after I posted it, but I figured Luigi might see it and answer it because he's so knowledgeable.
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    Does USMMA give a retirement?

    Clear explanation; thanks!!
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    Outreach pays off in a Diverse Class

    well said Officer!
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    Does USMMA give a retirement?

    Hey guys, I spent last weekend in Santa Barbara with my dad who served in the army and the merchant marines....he was born in 1926. He had stated that the USMMA doesn't give a retirement he right? Hmmm, if so, why? Just curious.
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    Induction Day for the Class of 2014

    There's nothing better in the morning than a cup of coffee and Plebe hunting!.... Last your my oldest son was a plebe and I was glued to face book and Thorton Studios looking for pictures of my Waldo and other service academy forum members Waldo.....LOL!'s a wonderful and exciting way...
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    2014 profile

    Like Profmom11, I recall the first time we had access to the gpa/sat scores was at Plebe Parent Weekend on the power point, just have to wait a few more weeks for the goods.
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    how did it happen? Oh my goodness, that's a bummer and I feel so bad for her. How did she do it? We knew someone that broke an ankle but wasn't sent home; wonder what determines if one stays and recuperates or is sent home. She will be in our prayers.
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    Is IDAY viewable this year?

    Good Morning! We have two friends swearing in today. Last year my husband was able to watch my son's swearing in ceremony on the laptop; I went to the Navy website and I don't see a link for it this year; does anyone know if it will be viewable today anywhere? Please advise, I will keep...
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    PRT Calculator

    Hey......thank you both for your replies!
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    NASS 3rd session!

    Gilmancoach, My son is with Delta and I ask incase anyone else's kids are in same company......any info out of their company is great to hear.
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    PRT Calculator

    I see.....PRT and CFA are different! I see, the two test are different; just exploring.
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    PRT Calculator

    Does the Naval Academy and West Point use the PRT Calculator to figure out their scores. The Navy calculator only shows curl ups, push ups, and 1.5 mile, so how are the other events calculated in? Also, does West Point use the same PRT Calc.? I will putting in my son's scores and just curious...
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    NASS 3rd session!

    Gilmancoach, what company or squad leader does your son have?
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    NASS 3rd session!

    Sea Trials... are tomorrow, Wednesday!