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    Dress for Citadel Scholarship Visit?

    Also, forgot to include: here is what was in the email--sorry if this is already what you have: "During your stay you will be doing a great deal of walking including going up and down stairs. Therefore, you should wear comfortable, neat clothing. Appropriate attire for men: comfortable...
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    Dress for Citadel Scholarship Visit?

    It shouldn't be too cold. According to, Charleston's high temp on Thursday is for 55 (low 40) and sunny. Friday's high is 63. (low 48). No rain.
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    NROTC concern

    Hi Missouri Dad, My son is in the same boat, so to speak. Similar stats--he had application completed in August, though, not July. No word on anything! We have received almost no information from Navy ROTC--but online it says all info has been received and processed, but no decision has...
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    Changing your schools of preference for NROTC

    I am pretty sure you can take your AFROTC scholarship to any approved school that offers your approved major. You can look on the AFROTC website for the list of approved schools. It is different than the Navy scholarship which is awarded to a specific school...
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    Hello Everybody!

    Congrats to you!! I'm sorry, I do not know anything about rifles at KP. I am fairly certain though, if you accept an appointment to any service academy, you are no longer eligible for ROTC scholarships.
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    Citadel sent a t-shirt today. Very

    Thanks Maximus. My son was originally scheduled for Feb, too, but was moved to Jan. The Feb visit has a parade doesn't it? Very nice. Aqua Rain--you should get a packet of forms soon after your Academic acceptance. I don't remember the exact time frame but I think it was within a week or...
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    Citadel sent a t-shirt today. Very

    :frown: My son did not get one. He is visiting in January for overnight visit and interview for scholarship honors program, etc. Have you guys already done your knob visit?
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    Will I get offered a AFROTC scholarship?

    On the USAF Fitness chart that I posted earlier, there is a section for abd girth measurement--so that is why I mentioned weight. On the AFROTC site (which WA MOM linked above) there is also the maximum scores for the PFA For men up to age...
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    Army vs. Navy

    According to the Navy ROTC website, you have to apply by Jan 31. I think both the Navy and the Army offer wonderful opportunities to their officers. The most striking, initial difference, I would think, is how do you feel about going to sea?
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    Will I get offered a AFROTC scholarship?

    I personally think the "good" range is fine, but I don't know anything!!:smile:
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    Will I get offered a AFROTC scholarship?

    Here is the standard for the fitness test You can look here and calculate your score. If you are not overweight, you probably scored in the "good" range. (75-89.9) My son is homeschooled, and he did not do extremely well on his ROTC fitness...
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    new member question

    Welcome! Your son sounds amazing!! Please follow the very good advice offered here and apply to the summer seminars and to the Academies if this is what he wants to do!! We did not think our son stood a chance at all. (Homeschooled--we just didn't think he would be competitive.) We have...
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    How Long for Candidate Kit Instructions?

    Hi JLimmy, If you will look through the link the Luigi provided for you, it contains the instructions for completing your CFA and instructions for who can administer it as well as instructions for the person administering it. The actual form that you submit is online. There is also...
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    I need some advice

    Just a mom here . . . Why are you interested in a career in the Air Force? Why do you want to attend the Academy? You will need to be very sure about your answers to these questions when you speak to your parents. My son is candidate for class of 2013 and has known he wanted a military...
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    Thank you for such a warm welcome. You guys are the best. I will keep you all in my thoughts, and look forward to hearing your good news. The waiting IS hard.
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    Merry Christmas everyone!! I have been "lurking" (I just read that term on someone else's post, and had no idea it applied to me!) for a while and wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!! I have learned so much about this process by reading your posts. I am a mom, my son is a...
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    DoDMERB website-ROTC

    I don't think it does until ROTC requests it. I don't know the official answer, but can tell you what has happened with my son. He has been medically qualified for USAFA and USNA since the summer. He was awarded a scholarship from AFROTC last week and just today his status changed on the...
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    Tell me what the strenghts are of The Citadel.

    Hi Bruno, Thank you for this post. I think you hit the nail on the head.
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    Am I qualified?

    AFROTC Academic requirements I don't know if you have looked at this, but maybe this can give you an idea of how you compare. I know they only look at the Verbal and Math sections of the SAT. Good luck!
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    Am I qualified?

    You are correct about that date, and I'm sorry I suggested it before realizing it was too late for ROTC.