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    Pre-Plebe Summer Injury

    How do the academies handle future plebes who are injured after accepting their appointments? Are they kicked out of the system immediately or are they accepted in if they are 100% by I-Day? If not accepted are they put on a list for next year's class? I recently sustained another occurence...
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    Accepting an Appointment Offer

    If I accept my offer of appointment during the Appointee Orientation, will I get my "appointee kit" there?
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    Computers for the Class of 2012???

    I was just wondering was the computers were going to be for the class of 2012. I saw some articles that showed in 2006 the Air Force Academy began using a tablet pc from Gateway. It also said that the only suggestions for computers in future years would be tablet pc's. Can anyone tell me what...
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    USAFA vs. USNA

    I was accepted to the Air Force Academy this past week upon receiving my waiver. I'm still holding out for the Naval Academy (my original first choice). Now that I have the AFA Appointment in my hands, I have sat back on the fence again. Here's my story... My ultimate goal is to become a...
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    Check on Entry

    I received my official waiver letter in the mail from the Air Force Academy. It said that I would be considered a check on entry. I have to be checked by their orthopedic surgeon and bring all of my medical records for my knee. Are these routine, or is there a legitimate chance that I could...
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    Good News!

    The Air Force Academy granted my waiver for recurrent dislocations of the knee today! I'm hoping the Naval Academy will follow suit, but I can not even check my status for them at the moment. I'm having some trouble with the DoDMERB site. I know that some people have probably seen this...
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    Waiting for Appointment

    I have an LOA with a med DQ attached to it. I'm about 80% sure I will get the waiver and my congressman was 99.9% sure when he gave me his principal nomination. My real question is...Are there others out there waiting for an appointment letter to get motivated to start preparing for Plebe...
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    Medical Evaluation Guides

    Hey, I was on a different forum and they have this manual stickied to their medical section... Here is another that I just saw in this forum's Naval Academy section...
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    Sending Letters Home

    When can plebes send letters home? What are the restrictions during plebe summer and the academic year?
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    Knee Brace Restrictions

    I am still applying for a waiver, but I was wondering... Do Academies accept candidates that wear knee braces? I'm talking about a neoprene sleeve, nothing metal or anything. It's only function is preventative, and I got it from my athletic trainer at school. Just curious as to how the...
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    Validating Cal I and II

    I was wondering about how I am going to validate Calculus I and II with the precision I could have a year ago. Last year I took both Calculus AB and BC and got 5's for both on the AP exam. (5 on the BC, and a 5 for my AB sub-score) I plan to major in mathematics and understand all of the...
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    Overturning Waivers

    If you are appealing a denied waiver, will the status change from denial to pending to approved/denial, or from denial to approved/denial?
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    Medical Waiver Denied

    I believe I am having the same issue as mnolan. The only difference is that my waiver was denied before I even finished sending all of their requested information. I started by being dq'ed for the recurrent dislocation of my knee. I dislocated it twice. However, I was sent medical...
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    ROTC vs. Service Academy Waivers

    Obviously both have different waiver authorities. My question is...are waivers easier to obtain through ROTC than the Service Academies? The first thought that comes to mind is that the Academies are much harder than ROTC; however, both commission officers into the military. The reason why...
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    I figured this would happen. My first disqualification was for my braces. I had already planned on getting removed this week, so they said to send in a letter saying that I had them removed. My second disqualification was for my knee. I've dislocated the knee cap (patella) twice, and...
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    Admissions Status Changed to "Offer Extended"

    On the DODMERB website, under my Naval Academy Admissions status, it says "offer extended." Does anyone know what that means?
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    Disqualification Odds

    My primary concern is that I dislocated my knee cap playing a pick football game about a year ago, and again in a high school soccer game this past February. There was no damage to my muscles or knee, but I wear a neoprene knee brace when playing any sports as a precaution. Currently, I run...