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    Ranger Camp

    I hate to repeat whats already been said but WP does not send cadets to Ranger School. But you if your interested in some tough schools there are a select few who go to Sapper and SERE. I want to try to go to SERE. From what I've heard though the competition is pretty tough.
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    Summer assignments

    Would I be able to go to Airborne and Air Assault for my summers(not in the same one)? I want to go to both because I'll need Airborne for Ranger School and from what I hear, Air Assualt is used the more in the sand box.
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    Saluting different branches?

    O god! Agreed! I'm on a multiservice and now multinational base and navy/coast guard rank is by far the most cofusing if your not in that service. Mostly because their senior enlisted wear the same uniforms as officers and wear anchors where their officer rank should be... lets just say my...
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    Quite interesting day...

    Yea he should. That pay cuts gunna hurt more than anything else.... I take that back... no beer will hurt more than anything else.
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    Quite interesting day...

    Well I'm jelous... I'm giving up BTZ, FLP Pay, and Flight Pay next my bonus. Congrats again Nico! Tell Breske I said hi.
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    Quite interesting day...

    Yea we've got two from my squadron going to prep, another should be going to the academy, and me going to USMA. We're trying to beat last year's record of 9. Are you sewing on SrA while at prep or just stayin A1C?
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    Waivers for criminals & felons?!

    Neither would I. If it could be avoided, I would say that it isn't a good idea to let those with criminal backrounds sign up. But its not up to me. My problem was with navydad calling anyone on active duty a loser, regardless of their backround.
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    Quite interesting day...

    Congrats Nico! Kick ***!
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    Cadet Training & Uniform

    Just remember Basic(any basic training) is just a game. Your job is to play it as hard as you can(which will never be hard enough). You wont win, you just wont. The point is to just play your best until its over.
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    Waivers for criminals & felons?!

    Those "losers" are volunteering to put their lives on the line to defend their country. They're going in knowing they will have dangerous jobs that are far from glamorous. Most importantly they can tell the color of something when they shoot at it(kind of important) and wont have any vision...
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    well, its official

    Congrats've earned it! Just remember to keep that motivation and when you graduate to listen to your NCO's! HUA
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    Fellow Enlisted folks - Some news for ya. - Also some news for the Civies.

    Knock one off your list of competitors. I've accepted USMA. Good luck!
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    USAFA vs. USNA

    I could tell you....but then I'd have to kill you....:wink: Like I said(Pima or somebody correct me if im wrong....sorry bout the TACP I was being general), FAO's(Foriegn Area Officers) can come from any career field. You just have to be good, VERY GOOD, smart, and have a great military...
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    USAFA vs. USNA

    Just chiming in on the intel part of the question. BOTH academies will have almost identical routes to intel BUT remember you will be in the collection end of the intel cycle until you hit Senior Captian(Leutenant for navy...spelling!)/Major(Lt. Commander). Then, you can apply for FAO(I don't...
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    5 years

    "War is an extension of politics, but by other means." Our job is to fight the wars(and achieve our peacetime missions) not to decide the politics... As service-members our job is to go where the politicians tell us to, to accomplish the mission tasked to us, and try to keep casualties to...
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    Ha ha. I've been in the Air Force for about a year and a half. I seperate in may to go to West Point and switch over to the Army. Thanks again everyone.
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    Just to add to that I believe the past few years have had zero cross commisioning out of West Point. This is because of the war and the retention rate for Army officers being so low. A cross commission has to be approved and the Army's not doing that right now. Like they said, the needs of the...
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    Thank you. Yeah thats me. My dad put it up. I set up the speech thing for when my parents came out to see me graduate(I also got a 3/3 on my dlpt and turned 21 that weekend!!!). They really liked it. I don't think my commander was as enthusiastic(he wanted me to go to the AF Academy) but he was...
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    Do they still have the BDU's?

    Yea. I didn't mean any offense and most of the officers/cadets that I have seen have creases. I never understood why they had us junior-enlisted taking it to such an exteme, I mean we would use pure starch consentrate, hair spray, and hours of our lives making razor blades out of sleeves and...
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    You did really well. For your run I would just put in a mile and a half a day then walk alittle. Good luck boss.