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  1. DKTKT

    I've stopped telling others about my kid's plans...

    Auuuugh! Just went to lunch with some friends this last weekend who just don't get it. I know the lack of understanding is pervasive, but I struggle with it. The: --"How's DS doing in the Navy?" He's at USNA. Great, loving it, thriving! --"Did he deploy after finishing basic last summer?" Uhm...
  2. DKTKT

    Transferring to the Naval Academy

    Be aware though, it is competitive to get into SOT. Last fall there were ~60 plebes competing for the 4 slots on the team. They have morning workouts for a week or two, progressively making cuts on who is invited to the next workout. (DS made it to the last day with 15 plebes - I think it was -...
  3. DKTKT

    Thanks from a college reapplicant parent

    First off, Congrats! A great decision to get to wrangle! Kind of silly, but doesn't hurt to try sometimes... I have heard it suggested to make a tough decision by flipping a coin. Not that you stick with the resulting decision necessarily, but when you do it, your gut responds to the result...
  4. DKTKT

    Very sad news - Midshipman dies during PRT

    From DS there I believe the 2020 is a typo. DS is in the same company as Duke's twin brother, Dylan, and said Dylan is a youngster/class of 2022. I cannot imagine such a loss. Grieving for the family and Brigade.
  5. DKTKT

    Waiting for the bus...

    DS got the email to check the portal before anything else. Funny, I saw the gal who works in our Congressman's office, organizing the nomination process. She remembered our DS' applications, and was excited to hear that he got in. But then her reaction turned to frustration, when we talked about...
  6. DKTKT

    Question about the Validation Test for Chemistry.

    DS had a an actual year of intro college Chem and still had to the take the Plebe summer test to validate Chem. He validated both semesters and started in Physics. In defense of the original poster's attention to detail, the USNA page looks confusing to me - why is the info for Chem and Bio...
  7. DKTKT

    College Reapplicants for c/o 2024?

    Love your determination! Best of luck.
  8. DKTKT

    College Applicant Acceptance Rate

    How funny, I almost could have written that! (You had me wondering if my hubby had finally made his own account, and it was him writing this! LOL) DS is also a Class of 2023 college reapplicant (from WI, home of the Packers), only ever applied to USNA, earned a high GPA in plebe classes, and...
  9. DKTKT

    Waiting for the bus...

    And keep in mind that if you don't get on _this_ bus, there is another one coming! It really isn't do or die (getting a direct admit). DS was declined, and then admitted as a college re-applicant. It was painful. And painful to "wait for the bus" multiple times. But there have been silver...
  10. DKTKT

    Meaning: <class year> mid of the semester?

    Ooof. I think learning to speak military, and read stuff like this ought to earn an award. (I would not win it. :rolleyes: 😂 )
  11. DKTKT

    Meaning: <class year> mid of the semester?

    I am confused by this. I thought my mid had told me that OOM was partly dependent on military aptitude (?) ratings given by other mids and/or officers in their Company -? Or maybe the military aptitude thing was something different, but the ratings by the mids play into OOM somehow? (I don't...
  12. DKTKT

    Meaning: <class year> mid of the semester?

    I saw someone (no one I know) being congratulated on being named their classes "mid of the semester" on FB. I was curious what that meant. Can anyone enlighten me?
  13. DKTKT

    2019 Army-Navy Spirit Videos

    Do my ears deceive me, or is that the same opening music? 🤔
  14. DKTKT

    Cross Country as a Team Sport?

    FWIW Sometimes you don't have to be assigned as a leader to lead, and maybe you get a leadership position by being a leader already? DS ended up a cross country team captain on a nationally competitive HS team, and was not near the performance of the top runners. He did it by leading without...
  15. DKTKT

    Authorized boots as of Fall 2019?

    I have heard that the standard issue boots are not very comfortable, and that there better ones that might make a nice Christmas gift. But there seems to be some disagreement about what is currently authorized by new Dant, and this seems to indicate that only the USNA issue ones are allowed...
  16. DKTKT

    What are my chances of getting in?

    DS's BGO strongly recommended joining NROTC for reapplying from college, and he felt it really helped him. FWIW down the road, but hopefully advice you never need! Good luck!
  17. DKTKT

    What are my chances of getting in?

    If you are thinking you will re-apply (like from NAPS) if you don't make it this year, have you thought applying for NROTC as well? You can do with or without scholarship.
  18. DKTKT

    My son received an LOA today! So excited!!

    It could be even longer. We waited like 2 months. (JSYK and *maybe* get less anxious if it takes longer?)
  19. DKTKT

    Plebe Christmas Gift Ideas

    Facial masks of many flavors. DS says his squad does "Facial Fridays" for everyone's stress acne. 😂 (It ain't your Grampa's USNA! LOL)
  20. DKTKT

    can college reapplicants get an LOA?

    DS was a reapplicant and also received a LOA because medical wasn't buttoned up (he was medically qualified the prior year and, since they say those are good for 2 years, he did not realize he still had to submit paperwork for it).