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    Navy Chief deploys security team without magazines
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    Leadership development for a teenager

    I was told that 10% of DS's class of 2018 @ USCGA were Boy Scouts and most attained the rank of Eagle Scout. (Also many Girl Scout Gold Awards). It's an elite club!
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    What Happened to Boxing?

    I contacted a 2/c I know and he told me - "Right now they route specials to go to classes offbase at a local athletic club. These classes are mostly focused on the cardio and technique aspects rather than the actual fighting itself. No sparing." As suggested, I would contact the athletic...
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    What Happened to Boxing?

    It won't return during his time at academy.
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    Airman dies while deployed in Antarctica
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    Service academy acceptance Rare, but this young man gained acceptance to all five academies.
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    Cadet wanted to bring porn star to the ball

    Not the first time and not the last time ...
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    BFE Received!

    used to have a cool picture of the Eagle on the left side.
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    BFE Received!

    It's probably the coolest thing DS (2018) has ever received!
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    Cadet wanted to bring porn star to the ball

    Looks like Ms. Foxx is 47 y/o. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. )
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    Cadet wanted to bring porn star to the ball
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    USCGA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    DS (2018 grad) said the change to the mandatory interview was an important step in bettering the selection process.
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    USCGA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    As Tennis Dad states many young men and women with stellar applications are not selected. There are a limited number of slots. Every so often you read about someone that applied to four or five service academies and was accepted to all. The same is true on the civilian side. Or, you might...
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    Army-Navy game: White Power hand symbol appears to be used during pregame broadcast DS's alma mater reprinted all the yearbooks due to the circle game. Many parents were furious that $22K was diverted for the reprinted yearbook. All over an abundance of...
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    Norovirus @ USAFA
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    Pink & Green

    I recently attended a multi service military gala and there was someone in attendance sporting the new Army Pink & Green. It was a very sharp looking uniform!
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    I saw 47 Of 70 Living CMH Recipients Last Night

    Gentleman at far left is SGT Allen Lynch of Chicago.
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    Ditto TennisDad
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    Mid charged with sexual assault