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    Loss of a Brigade mate

    yes that was where the flag was
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    Loss of a Brigade mate

    was on a tour today because DD attending CVW. Noticed the Navy flag but not US flag at 1/2 staff so was curious and asked guide. He said due to midshipman from last night... heart hoes out to the family and friends
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    Upcoming CVW

    dropped DD at CVW... she was surprised at how many juniors are in attendance. USAFA is her dream but this is 2 hours from home. told her every time they say navy to just think air force in her head. told her to have fun and she took a dozen Hershey Chocolate World choco chip cookies with her...
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    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets vs Texas A&M Corps of Cadets

    yes... why i wrote it as “if want more SMC”
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    ACT with eassay every time?

    can take either.. 2 different companies so 2 different tests...
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    Boys State

    my DS was a reporter and got to observe everything and had access everywhere unlike most of the participants. that being said he was not an active gov’t citizen due to the printing deadlines.... so choose carefully
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    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets vs Texas A&M Corps of Cadets

    my nephew went to V Tech but not Corp. My DS is at A&M Galveston in the Corp. A&M really seems to revolve around tge Corp whereas VT has it more of an after thought in my opinion. A&M has almost its own campus of just Corp. Definitely more of a family feel. If wants just university...
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    Boys State

    just attending earns weight. being governor or being selected for Boy’s Nation is bonus points
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    ACT with eassay every time?

    believe they just need 1 on record
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    Summer Seminar

    AIM requires 1, others did not
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    Any summer leadership programs?

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    Upcoming CVW

    Good to know. Driving DD on Thursday.
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    Am I out?

    did you get a nomination from the Senator? he should still submit a slate of 10 and all you need is to be on the list. The principal if 3Q is in but you would still at least have a nom
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    SLE 2020 Acceptance?

    My DD just got her nomination to Girl’s State. The Auxiliary was excited to see someone wanted to go. Still waiting on all the Summer Seminars but has a CVW Feb 20-22 lined up.
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    SLE Considered as part of Whole Candidate Profile?

    i have heard it possible but believe your sponsoring Legion may have to reach out to the other state headquarters
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    SLE Considered as part of Whole Candidate Profile?

    Can you attend a neighboring state’s Boy’s State as an option?
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    USNA Candidate Visit Weekend

    There are apparently March and April CVWs yet. My DD who is a junior will be attending at the end of the month but the form gave options for March and April. She received the invite at the end of December. I think her non-selection for STEM for 3 tries might have triggered it.
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    Pharmacy records

    your pharmacy should be able to run a report quickly if only looking for certain meds, let pharmacist know
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    I have a ton of questions...

    my DS is asking his buddy who transferred to CS and is a contracted NROTC. If he gives me his email I will PM you.
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    Texas A & M Blinn Engineering option

    a lot of engineering majors have to do a year elsewhere, especially if you are from out if state. My DS had at a friend who was contracted NROTC and had to do a year at Galveston before getting into main campus.