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    BFE after portal showing appointment

    I remember it being a few weeks, maybe even over a month for my son. Truthfully, it was a bit anti-climatic, since he already knew.
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    Eagle Scout award

    I'm sure I am going to regret getting involved with this discussion, but here goes.... I am an Eagle Scout. I did not get accepted to USNA. My son dropped out of scouting at 13. He had offers of appointment to USNA and USMA. He is currently a Plebe at USNA. The thing to remember is that...
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    Etiquette for Nomination appreciation

    Our MOC asked for one thing... Please keep him updated. He never, ever hears from his nominees that end up attending a SA. He just wants to know how they are doing.
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    Al-Qaida claims responsibility in Pensacola shooting
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    Does a Candidate's Parent's status matter?

    There was a FB post made by a mother on a SA parents group page just 2 days ago. Her son, an ENS and USNA grad, escorted his sister at her HS ceremony because their father abandoned the family years ago. Over 1,000 'likes' in 24 hours. Never seen so many 'likes' in that short amount of time...
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    SWO Ship Selection

    Overall Order of Merit (OOM), which is a combination of class, military, and physical rankings. There are a lot of posts about OOM in this forum. Then there is the 'blue chip.' If a Midshipman impresses the Commanding Officer enough while on a summer tour, that CO will hold a spot for that...
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    Recruited Athletes

    I'm very aware how hard this kid worked. My son was a recruited athlete for USNA. I have no idea if this kid is an 'elite athlete'. Either way, publicly announcing a 'commitment' (you technically can't commit to a SA) can certainly affect any further recruiting, especially for a non-blue chip.
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    Recruited Athletes

    My youngest son came home from school yesterday and told me the talk all day was about a junior-year athlete who 'committed' to USMA. Everybody was like, "Did you hear 'Joe Smith' is going to West Point? My son, being the wise-@#$ that is is very capable of, said to these people, "Did he pass...
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    I've stopped telling others about my kid's plans...

    I wear a lot of Navy gear. A lot... The Midstore staff actually smiles and waves to me every time I walk into the place. Of course I get a sense of pride when a person sees me in a Navy sweatshirt, comes up and gives me those "Wow! Congratulations! Incredible accomplishment!" types of...
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    Top 5 movies

    I was my son's little league baseball coach. One year we had a year-end party at a parent's house, and she had one of those blow-up movie screens for the backyard. We thought Bad News Bears would be a great movie for the kids to watch. I decided to watch the movie ahead of time, since it was...
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    Two nomination issue

    I don't think @Dadx4 is 'pushing' anything at all. He is giving his thought on the subject, which is sort of what this whole board is all about... He didn't mention odds at all in his post. He said that a candidate would have more opportunities to win a slate. I'm not quite sure why there...
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    Senior Year Schedule

    Exactly. You can't validate any classes at USNA if you do not get an appointment!
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    Request CFA scores from naval academy West Point

    My son took CFA at NASS two summers ago and passed. USMA would not accept the scores due to pull ups and push ups not being on video. If I recall correctly, he would not be able to just record the pull ups and push ups. He would have to do an entire retake. He ended up accepting his USNA...
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    CFA Mile Run

    These standards are set so that anybody in good shape can pass them. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing training devices, they are certainly not needed to pass a CFA. My son is a USNA plebe and a recruited distance runner. I asked him what kind of training he would recommend for a...
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    Meaning: <class year> mid of the semester?

    Shouldn't the #1 in OOM be the Mid-of-the-Semester?
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    Double Major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    FWIW, I met up with a Dept head at PPW this past summer. I asked him about the advanatges of my Plebe son going for a double major. He (a USNA grad an current CDR) told me that he ranks Trident #1, Masters #2, and Double Major #3.
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    Letter of recognition

    Bud?? I think I've helped you a few times, but those days are now done... Did you even read the reply from @Old Navy BGO a month ago?? The same exact answer applies in this case.
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    Letter of recognition

    And look who started that original thread... @seb.g.b, you've done this before. You can't keep on making multiple threads about the same exact thing if you want people to help you out and take you seriously.
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    Validating college courses