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    Does NROTC National Scholarship have any visibility for an appointment?

    I don't believe being selected for the scholarship has an affect on your app but NOT having applied might since it shows one's desire to serve regardless of how the commission is achieved.
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    Question on Prior Enlisted Application

    I believe the Fleet Regional Director in the Candidate Guidance Office should be able to assist you with your questions. Good luck in your journey.
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    Third Attempt Club

    Best of Luck BarryD.
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    Should I finish my application eventhough I did not recive an appointment

    Yes, NAPS or Foundation schools do not require a Nomination.
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    Father of a DD Class of ‘23 here to answer questions

    I am in a similar place as the OP but further in the process. Having had military family members I was not as apprehensive but my DW was very. After touring USNA she was much less. I think the endless supply of opportunities won her over. USNA often host Academy days and information sessions...
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    This might be relevant if they actually attended the interviews. They have a panel that does the interview and makes the recommendations.
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    Commemorative Pocket Knife

    Don't pilots carry a sidearm while flying over combat zones? I don't know what triggers the need to carry one. As for guns at the yard. The signage is pretty clear that no firearms are allowed brought on the Yard.
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Oh maybe putting an applicant on hold for everything waiting for the MOC to do their job. DD was a recruited athlete that had to turn down scholarship offers and had others pulled because she did not commit knowing she would attend USNA if offered. Schools that were offering her money all of...
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Geez, you'd think our illustrious Senators could get their noms in a little more timely. Nothing like after the application deadline.
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    Does USNA always request 7th semester grades?

    DD finished HS with a 4.5 and was Valedictorian. She was asked for semester 7 transcripts. She is a 2/C now. I wouldn't read too much into it.
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    Letter Sweater

    DD received her's this year and it came from the NAAA. She had to have the letter sewn on.
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    Dep Dant is trying to fry all the Black N members who wore their sweaters to Halloween

    Who's morale is being killed? Those that can't stay out of serious trouble or those that never get into serious trouble. I hear the tendency now is to award 99 demerits and deny the offender the Black N. With people like Fleming calling out the costs vs reward of SAs, having those with...
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    Usna gpa

    I don't think it's published but was calculated by Prep Scholar to be about 3.94.
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    How about those mids?

    I was thinking it was over for the Mids after AF scored the touch down but DW never gave up. So glad we watch to the end. Seeing the charged up Brigade as Navy marched down the field was exhilarating. Great Win Navy while Army picks up another loss to Tulane.
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    Service assignments for 2020

    DD spent time on a boomer. She drove and got to look through the periscope. She said the atmosphere was pretty laid back but the mission seemed more critical than SWO. She liked it and is one of those that they'd probably want. We'll see how it pans out.
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    A sign?

    If you look at the service selection of the players, for a large part, the Marines are playing.
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    A sign?

    sad news for AF and those that appreciate such a majestic mascot.
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    Sport Recruitment

    Nothing wrong with playing club sports especially somewhere like the SAs. DD has several friends that play D1 in Big Ten schools and it is a job for them. It seems that the club sports at Navy are pretty good.
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    Sub Drafting

    What are you going to do if he gets out Subs but doesn't like some aspect of his new assignment?
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    NJ Service Academy Info Day tomorrow

    DD wore a suit to her interview. Your DD probably doesn't need to wear a suit but no jeans or shorts. Khaki pants and polo, skirt, you just don't want to appear like it doesn't matter to you. I'm not sure if they will be there. DD didn't see any MOC during the interviews. Go with an open...