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    personal statement advice

    You would be better off to have someone who actually knows you review your statement. Random people on an internet forum don't know anything about you to offer advice about whether or not your statement left out important details about you or your background. One of your English teacher's...
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    Cadets instructed by USAFA leadership not to use words like "Mom" and "Dad"

    I usually just laugh and already know what their 'slant' will be when Fox 'news' reports on anything.................LOL.
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    What SAT score do senators and representatives usually like?

    Not sure how you can 'estimate' your score. So you are guessing what you got and haven't gotten the actual test results yet? Each MOC runs their own process, so I would focus more on what YOUR MOC asks for on the application. It really makes no different what some other MOC in a different...
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    BGO interview- is there a way to know?

    I guess it depends on how you define 'practicing', but to me thinking ahead of time of the likely questions that may come up and how you would answer them is part of the preparation you should always do for any interview. If the first time you think about how to answer obvious questions like...
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    Nomination Essay Help

    If this is your second time applying, what did you write about last time? Are you looking for new/different ideas or perhaps think what you wrote about last time wasn't the best choice?
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    Letters of Recommendation process

    Part of the application process is about following directions. Each MOC runs their own NOM process and likely they all have websites with instructions/forms for those applying. What they did in a prior year might be different this year, so make sure read/comprehend/follow their current...
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    Best time to contact SA mentors

    Part of the USNA application process involves being interviewed by your assigned BGO, even if you are applying to other SA's. Each SA admission process is separate (other then for DODMERB). Perhaps my definition of a 'mentor' is different from the OP's, but it isn't the role of the typical BGO...
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    essay review

    I would suggest an English teacher review for syntax/grammar/composition/etc. None of us here know you, so I would suggest you have someone who does review and critique the contents of your essay. You may have left out something important about yourself that would enhance the essay and only...
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    Panel interview

    I would not ask them to give you more time to think about your answer. Honestly, it you don't have an answer, thinking about it for another 15-30 seconds isn't going to suddenly result in coming up with a better reply. Also don't congratulate the person who asks a question by saying something...
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    Extra Curricular Activities to get into a Service Academy

    Even if you school considers debate a 'sport' (which is something I have never heard before) what matters is what the SA's consider to be sports. Band has also come up in the past and SA's consider that an ECA not a sport nor would I expect them to think debate is a sport either. I don't...
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    Enlisting First to Gain Respect

    My first question would be who did you hear that from? One thing you will find when applying to any SA is that well-meaning friends/relatives/neighbors or even your postal carrier will offer ALL sorts of opinions about the military even if they have NO idea what they are talking about. You can...
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    Contacting Office

    Getting a MOC NOM isn't about 'being connected' or 'who you know'. Those running the process for the MOC have probably seen all sorts of things over the years. Simply calling to make yourself known or telling the person how interested you are or wanting to summarize your resume for them, is...
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    If you have some unusual situation relating to residency and therefore which MOC to apply to seems like a reasonable thing to get clarification from the person in the MOC's office who handles NOM applications. As mentioned above, it might take a bit of time to get the next round of NOM's going...
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    Moderator on a similar Forum

    You indicated you are a reapplicant. If you believe being a forum moderator is a good example of leadership, why didn't you include that in your prior application? While you may view it as important, what really matters is how USNA would view this and I believe several prior posters have...
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    Seeking Advice for Visitors for Graduation Day - Parking? Anything Else?

    I can recall one year when it was so HOT some people passed out and needed medical attention. The stadium have virtually no shaded areas so be sure to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly (sunscreen, lightweight clothing, hats/etc.). Be sure to review the list of what is/isn't...
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    Congressional Nomination

    The application (and related instructions) for a MOC NOM are probably posted on their website. Use that as your guide for how to proceed. Each MOC sets the process they choose to use and what they did in a prior year may not be what they are asking you to do this year. Following those...
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    Nomination question

    Your legal residence (or likely that of your parents) is what determines where you can apply for the MOC NOM. It has nothing to do with choosing the one you think gives you a better chance of getting a NOM or might be closer to where you go to college. Process doesn't work that way. Simply...
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    Initial Zoom Meeting with BGO

    Believe I mentioned this in a prior thread but good to repeat for those who might be new to using Zoom. Make sure you have the software installed ahead of time, works correctly on the exact PC you plan to use and get the setup/sound/lighting configured BEFORE the actual meeting. Call someone...
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    Rates to study before I-Day

    This tends to be an often contentious subject on here each year. You can do a search to see those older threads. Your PTR will inform you of things you are expected to know prior to I-day this year and it may be different from what was asked in the past. Bragging about all of your advance...
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    Seasonal Sports at USNA?

    I agree. There are a number of threads being started asking about various sport/ECA's at USNA. I doubt anyone really knows how challenging they will find their experience until they actually start the program. This is not your typical college and many find it a challenge just to keep up with...