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    USMMA soccer program suspended amid federal probe

    According to (the government website for publishing and filing court records), rulings have been issued and are under seal (which means the public can't view them). The court has seemingly directed KP to take action but what action we don't know. As KP seemed to be waiting on DOT to...
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    USMMA soccer program suspended amid federal probe

    The court did issue rulings yesterday but are under seal. From " - In camera conference held with the Court and counsel. Rulings made as stated on the record. This portion of the transcripts is ordered under seal. Transcripts of this portion can be made available to counsel of...
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    Seeking advice from setbacks/withdrawn MIDN, and all USMMA folks:

    I am the father of one of your fellow 2020 plebes. I have followed your story from the beginning and have a lot of respect for how you handled yourself during this difficult time. It's clear that your motives for going to USMMA were honorable. As a parent I wouldn't want my son where he wasn't...