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  1. bsa07eagle

    Pilot - RPA marriage

    Some good friends of mine are stationed at Cannon. They got married a few months ago now, one is an RPA pilot and the other flies C-130's. It does help a bit being in AFSOC because they will both probably alternate between here and Hurlburt Field FL. -Brian
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    Vance/UPT questions

    I was able to start in November, after 60 days ended in July. But to be honest, after never getting an OAPT job my 60 days turned into almost twice that, only they had to be spent in Enid :p
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    Predator, Reaper drone pilots to get up to $135K re-up bonus

    Correct me if I'm interpreting it wrong, but the way I read it was for those who get an RPA out of UPT and cross-train after a year do not get that bonus, only those who agree to 6-9 more years or are already an 18X career field. Anyway, I highly doubt that anyone will willingly go to RPA's...
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    Predator, Reaper drone pilots to get up to $135K re-up bonus

    Little bit of a slap in the face for those of us in UPT right now.
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    Tips for Class of 2019?

    haha, don't want to get too off topic in this thread, but I'd rather not be a T'6 FAIP due to the fact that I've been airsick through the entire program. BSA
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    Tips for Class of 2019?

    Yeah he was great to have for 2 years. A good AOC really makes for a good squad.
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    Tips for Class of 2019?

    Travel, yes. But you don't always get to pick the location. Get good grades and you may get to pick. My capstone took some people to Europe, great opportunity.
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    Tips for Class of 2019?

    Awesome! Great AOC! Hope she loves the squad as much as I did. Good Luck
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    Tips for Class of 2019?

    If you have any specific questions...ask! Good Luck!
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    Tips for Class of 2019?

    You're bound to get this response from any number of cadets/grads, but take the time to slow down and enjoy life. I loved my time at the academy (especially the people), but the next time you come home you may not feel quite as comfortable with friends at home. Take a breather, relax, your life...
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    Thanks for all the insight, I'm not trying to make a decision, just wondering if the FAIP stereotype is true. Seemed like no one wanted it and I just wanted to know why. Thank you, Brian
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    Looking from some wisdom from some current UPT students (maybe hornet or bullet know). I know FAIPing typically isn't seen as a "good" drop, but can you provide more info? Also, does anyone know if Vance takes care of their FAIP's (do they get a good drop because they FAIPed)? I'm seriously...
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    Any idea how many appointments will be offered for 2017?

    22 cadets left or were dis-enrolled at the end of last semester for a variety of different reasons. Later, Brian
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    First Year

    Well, until recognition in March (so about 9 months total) things are tough, but the environment changes a lot from basic to the academic year. You are given the time you need and many upperclassmen are far too easy now days in my opinion. Your training staff will probably be the only ones...
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    The what is "Fun" about USAFA?

    Anything that you get to earn by your own sweat, blood, and tears is "fun." Not 100% of the time, especially when you are in the process of earning it, but there is no better feeling (not sure if fun is the right word) than working hard to earn something that few others have. Later, Brian
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    US Air Force Academy brawl injures 23

    Thank you, and once again I mean no disrespect to any parents on here. Once again it is the 1% of bad that gets represented above the 99% who do the right thing.
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    US Air Force Academy brawl injures 23

    I had a blast in FS/FS, but ours was shortened by quite a bit after an injury. At which point we stopped it all for the night and took care of our injured cadet. Although I did participate, I hardly think it will make me a worse officer because of it, honestly it brings a squadron together more...
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    USAFA cadet dies while on leave in Las Vegas

    Yet another 2 degree from CS-10. His funeral was held today in Vegas and a taps vigil was held on Thursday night. Rough time for tiger ten. Later, Brian
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    Ouch, I feel like you guys have something against us already :(
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    USAFA Cheating Scandal

    It seems like the punishment system is completely our of context. I got ARC'd last year because I failed a class and was one vote from getting kicked out, yet these kids won't even face that kind of board. They will most likely receive a passing grade for a course they cheated on and got caught...