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  1. Jarhead713

    Thank you, SAF

    All, I want to personally thank all of you here on this forum. The advice I've received here has been invaluable. The support of you all has been incredible. I'd like to personally thank @THmom @AROTC-dad @Devil Doc @Heatherg21 and @Capt MJ for all supporting me. You guys are all...
  2. Jarhead713

    DoDMERB withdrawn?

    Already think I know the answer to this. Checked my DoDMERB portal and it says my current medical status is "Withdrawn." Is this the end of the road? I just started working on getting letters for a rebuttal.
  3. Jarhead713

    Government and politics

    3 years of German in High School, dad and grandmother are fluent... my German's a little rusty after a year off 😬 My mistake, my dad WAS fluent. He lived in Germany during high school while his dad was stationed there.
  4. Jarhead713

    Government and politics

    You got me! I was sent undercover by the mod team to keep an eye on all you trouble makers 👀 Don't tell anyone though 🤫
  5. Jarhead713

    Hi all. Im newbie.

    Kommen Sie aus Deutschland? Wilkommen!
  6. Jarhead713

    Government and politics

    Government is a body of elected officials which help run a country. You can also explain the importance of voting and the electoral college. I'd also explain how all 3 branches work, and are selected. Politics is hard to define. I usually define it as a party system, where each party holds a...
  7. Jarhead713

    Boys State

    I ran for governor, didn't win though :( ran on the wrong platform entirely... not that it keeps me up at night or anything ;) One thing about running for governor: you'll spend lots of time campaigning and not with your city. Same with any position that takes you out of your city.
  8. Jarhead713

    Any summer leadership programs?

    Saw this today:
  9. Jarhead713

    History of Fistula Page 17, 21, 23, 27, 👍🏻
  10. Jarhead713


    @AROTC-dad brings up a good point, find out which one would best accommodate your Plan A and Plan B-Z.
  11. Jarhead713

    Is "Duty, Honor, Country" always capitalized?

    To me it seems like it shouldn't be capitalized. But hey! What do I know? Just a 34 on the english ACT and a 5 on the AP Language and composition exam ;) (Just a joke, hope your essay is going well :) )
  12. Jarhead713

    Wow... USNA and now USMA!!! Congratulations to you and your DS! You must be one proud mama 😉

    Wow... USNA and now USMA!!! Congratulations to you and your DS! You must be one proud mama 😉
  13. Jarhead713

    How to not upset a green beret

    Yet ANOTHER unrelated update on my life: Got into the Trent Lott Leadership Institute at Ole Miss today!!!!! No more Mississippi State, Ole Miss WILL be my home if USMA doesn’t come through.
  14. Jarhead713

    How to not upset a green beret

    I'm actually a really big Ole Miss fan... have been since I was in middle school. But if honors at Ole Miss doesn't work out, MSU may be the place for me...
  15. Jarhead713

    How to not upset a green beret

    Unrelated update on my life: Accepted to Mississippi State's honors college today!!! :) Great way to end a bad week :)
  16. Jarhead713

    How to not upset a green beret

    Always great to meet a fan ;) Thank you!!
  17. Jarhead713

    How to not upset a green beret

    I know that though, I have nothing but respect for anyone who has serving/is serving. :) I'm sure he's a nice guy
  18. Jarhead713

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Half day at school today, didn't eat breakfast cause I was pressed for time. I've been thinking about one of these bad boys all day 😍
  19. Jarhead713

    Comma Club/December Grad

    Welcome! Thank you for your service. USMA's great, why not spend more time there? ;)
  20. Jarhead713

    How to not upset a green beret

    Hey all, So, unfortunately, my SO and myself split up after over a year together. They wanted to date in college and I didn't, I didn't think it was fair to ask each other to do long distance and be unhappy when the whole wide world of college was at our fingertips. I thought the best...