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  1. Impulsive

    College Programmer

    IMHO TIME is not critical for you. If you are talking NROTC, you really can contact, ask to apply, and interview during the summer. Not sure if ALL incoming Mids this year must attend NSI or not. Last year College Programmers for the most part were not sent to NSI due to funding and personnel...
  2. Impulsive

    Loss of a Brigade mate

    Thoughts and Heartfelt Prayers go out to the family and the entire USNA family! ANY loss is tragic, whether it in battle, competition, or by accident. As others have said, life is precious but we never know when our time is up, but those lost this year it is far too soon!
  3. Impulsive

    Life after USMMA

    If you receive a "Reserve Commission" and do not do extended AD, then I do not believe ANY AD health benefits (medical, dental, eyes) are provided. If you do Active Guard/Reserves (drilling a weekend every month and two weeks a year ADT), my understanding is you can get medical and dental while...
  4. Impulsive

    Army ROTC or USMA? I'm feeling pressured...

    @icestorm3500, PLEASE do yourself a favor, and don't choose to do something your parents want. This whole experience has to be you doing it for YOU!!! :) USMA and AROTC are different animals, and each has its plus and minuses. But YOU have to make yourself content, four years being someplace...
  5. Impulsive

    Grad school post academy.

    I personally know of three Dental Officers who are still active in the reserves, all are direct commissioned upon completion of dental school (all three carry a Reserve Commission). I know two JAG Attorneys, one Academy Grad who served 4 years AD, then was afforded the FLEP, the other graduated...
  6. Impulsive

    College Question

    Not sure there is " an ideal major" for what I think you are asking. If Forensic Science Major is available, that would be really good, but if not, it really isn't of instance if you are looking to be a civilian Law Enforcement CSI. If you have a science background, THEY will send you to...
  7. Impulsive

    NSI not on scholarship and College Program

    Sorry...@mcfamilyof4, you are correct. Cortramid is for training between 4C and 3C years AND maybe between 3C and 2C years (probably different for Programmers vs Scholarship). Sea Trials are between 3C and 2C, and Summer Cruise is between 2C and 1C years...
  8. Impulsive

    Transfer process for USAFA

    Sort of reminds me of "Sand Pebbles"..LOL Oops, guess that really shows my age..:)
  9. Impulsive

    Probation Before Judgement

    I would contact your ALO (I believe that is what your admissions officer is called) just to make sure. Omissions can have a sneaky way of coming back to bite you...:) don't know all the legal "technicalities" of one probation vs another, best to check with someone qualified to give you an...
  10. Impulsive

    NSI not on scholarship and College Program

    Agree with the above. If you are a "College Programmer" it is totally up to the unit to send you to NSI (based on available funding after all scholarship recipients are programmed in). And we have heard that NSI is going to be required to Commission too, although I would think that it would be...
  11. Impulsive

    USMA lengthens service obligation to 6 yrs??

    Read 10 USC Section 7448(d).....PLAINLY states "In this section, the term “commissioned service obligation”, with respect to an officer who is a graduate of the Academy, means the period beginning on the date of the officer’s appointment as a commissioned officer and ending on the sixth...
  12. Impulsive

    Complete & On Hold

    Read the "FAST" thread above...:)
  13. Impulsive

    Waiting for appointment and still moving forward with other colleges

    Something that should be discussed at length. Certain majors and many students with HS college credits end up taking courses in their majors in their first semester freshman year. So going to a 2yr college with general ed classes may put one "behind the 8 ball" in their major. Especially Tech...
  14. Impulsive

    Waiting for appointment and still moving forward with other colleges

    You are probably right, I-Day is likely considered "final acceptance" and once you formally accept one offer, the others probably become moot. Although, I think formal "swearing in' is usually done later in the day. That's why IF you get dismissed for medical day one, you can go home with your...
  15. Impulsive

    Waiting for appointment and still moving forward with other colleges

    If a candidate reports for I-Day, gets released because of medical, the good chance is he will be DQ's from NROTC at the same time, thus preventing the NROTC scholarship from "kicking in". NROTC waiver authority is different from USNA so absolutely a waiver is possible, the big question I would...
  16. Impulsive

    Grad School GI Bill?

    If I understand ROTC programs correctly, one has to either "contract" or get a 2 yr scholarship to commission. The contract (Advanced Standing or whatever the different services call it) student still has to complete three years of obligated service and as @jcleppe states academy or scholarship...
  17. Impulsive

    Coast Guard DCSS - How Does it Work?

    Just a side note, almost ALL Direct Commission Programs are geared to "speciality fields" ie: cyber, engineering, law, medicine, intel, etc. There are instances of direct commission "line type officers' but they are rare. So if the desire is to be "operational" in the field insure do your due...
  18. Impulsive

    Waiver if not initially pilot qualified at appointment

    I am by no means a pilot, but just my layman's thinking is if a waiver can be granted it would possibly be based on the applicant being able to reach all the pedals and controls. I know most aircraft have pedal, seat, and aircraft controls that are adjustable, just how far I have no idea. This...
  19. Impulsive

    1 vs 2 Nominations

    I believe this is pretty much correct. When we visited I specifically asked the AO we met with if multiple noms help. His answer was, MAYBE, and his explanation was similar to yours. Multiple noms don't get looks from different Boards (there is only one usually), but rather gives the academy...
  20. Impulsive

    Types of Required Classes?

    Also take into account that some majors have a "maximum" quota every year and that prospective applicants for that major interview, and get formal invites. If you were to try and transfer into that major later there likely would not be any openings. Transferring into non-stem from stem would...