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    Army ROTC

    Has anyone else had trouble contacting a PMS for their interview? Lots of messages left but no responses. Application has been completed for a month and would like to be boarded 1st look.
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    SLE 2018 - Section in Candidate Portal

    I checked my candidate portal and a new section opened up under the SLE tab. It's about travel information. While this is already completed on the SLE Portal, it asks for it again on the candidate portal. Wanted to share in case SLE Session 1 participants didn't see it yet.
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    SLE 2018 Transportation

    In the travel info section on the SLE portal it asks for: Arrival Transportation Mode Departure Transportation Mode Arrival Transportation Number Departure Transportation Number Where do I find the modes/numbers to enter? Thank you.
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    Hello, I'm not sure which orientation date to sign up for at RPI as an NROTC. I called the ROTC office and they havent completed their schedules yet for 2017-18. RPI requires sign up by next week. Is anyone else going to RPI? If so, which orientation and dorm did you sign up for? Thanks.
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    Deferred to RD

    Good Morning, Applied ED and was deferred to Regular Decision. Has anyone had experience with this? I know we can transfer the NROTC Scholarship but